Cheung Tat Ming Suffered Debilitating Side Effects in Cancer Fight

In 2011, comedian/ actor Cheung Tat Ming’s (張達明) life changed dramatically after being diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer. Although the actor has since mostly recovered, he continues to suffer from side effects as a result of his treatments.

Cheung Tat Ming confessed that his cancer diagnosis forced him to take a look at his lifestyle and make healthier choices, “Prior to my diagnosis, I was very busy and I was sleeping two or three hours every night. I was smoking and drinking. My diet was poor and when I moved out, I would sometimes just eat a piece of bread.”

Initially Felt Helpless

The actor’s health eventually deteriorated when he noticed that he frequently had a nosebleed. Follow-up tests revealed he had cancer. Reflecting on his battle with cancer, Cheung Tat Ming shared, “It is very hard on people when they discover they have a major illness. It scared me when I discovered my diagnosis, and it felt like I had a big accident. This is a life disease and cannot be fixed by money. There are many things I haven’t done yet. How do I manage?”

Throughout his recovery, Cheung Tat Ming was grateful that he was able to depend on his family and friends for support, “Fortunately, my family and friends were there. Chow Yun Fat (周潤發) was supportive and always willing to hike the mountains with me. He is my idol.”

Debilitating Side Effects

The cancer treatment took a toll on Cheung Tat Ming’s body, and caused his weight to drop from 128 pounds to 100 pounds.  “My neck turned black, and I couldn’t eat because my throat was sore. Every time I eat, I had to take a painkiller. Due to the chemotherapy, I lost weight, my hair thinned out and my nerves system was damaged. Don’t worry though–I had these side effects because I’m not a normal person. It would have been fine if I sought treatment earlier.”

After a tough seven-year battle with cancer, Cheung Tat Ming is currently in good health and gained back most of his body weight. “I’m not totally recovered, but I’m doing well. I am handsome again. I haven’t fully gained back my weight, but I am 7 pounds away from reaching 128 pounds again. I need to be stronger, but my energy is good. I sleep well, and I have good eyesight.”

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  1. Good to hear that he is doing better. He was amusing in the series I watched of him back then. Would be nice to see him in a funny role again. But his health comes first.

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