Chilam Cheung is Obsessed with Anita Yuen After She Loses 20 Pounds

Once known as a beauty in the entertainment industry, Anita Yuen (袁詠儀) has slowly put on weight over the years while happily married to Julian “Chilam” Cheung (張智霖) and switching her focus from acting to raising their child Morton Cheung. Thus, she surprised everyone when she appeared at the movie premiere of A Home with a View <家和萬事驚> alongside costars Cheung Tat Ming (張達明) and Francis Ng (吴镇宇) with a visibly slimmer face and figure. The 47-year-old revealed she lost weight for a script she accepted in 2018.

The director had requested her to first lose weight for the film and later on gain weight again, so she lost at least 15 to 20 pounds within two months by exercising and eating nutritional meals. “But unfortunately, due to certain policy reasons, filming couldn’t begin and I didn’t know when it would commence, so I didn’t dare to get fat again,” Anita shared. “Everyone said I look quite nice and haven’t seen me this skinny in a long time, so I’ll try to keep it.”

She added she never had the motivation to lose weight as she was not that heavy and no one complained. “My husband is stressed now that I’m skinnier,” Anita said. “He never thought he was fat, but a lot of people has been telling him, ‘Your wife got skinnier! But you…’ so lately he’s been very diligent.”

When asked if Chilam complimented her weight loss, she shared, “He said I look better in pictures when skinnier. Although he did not say much, I can tell by the way he obsessively looks at me.”

Anita plays a mentally unstable mother in A Home with a View, living in a worn down flat with her husband (Francis Ng), unemployed son, daughter going through puberty, and a disabled grandfather (Cheung Tat Man). Francis expressed he has faith Tat Ming, who used makeup to portray the look of a grandfather, will win best supporting actor. Good friend Dayo Wong (黃子華) made an appearance at the premiere to support the movie but did not stay to watch it. He only greeted Francis and Tat Ming and exchanged a few words with them before leaving hurriedly.

Source: OrientalDaily

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  1. “I can tell by the way he obsessively looks at me……” lol what a description and she sure ain’t modest about it. Is she sure it wasn’t fear in his eyes? Rofl.

  2. It’s about time she lost weight! She also needs a better stylist – her fashion sense is usually awful. She looks outdated and unappealing most of the time. Yes, her face is prettier now but she loses points the minute she opens her mouth. Her mannerisms and demeanor are far from attractive. At least she admitted how *itchy she used to be, and I don’t doubt she is still this way. Chilam can always do so much better.

    1. @blunt
      Chilam can do much better? How? A decade ago it was the other way round. Anita could do much better. We can just change our minds just because an relationship has advanced and have aged..

    2. @blunt
      I actually kind of agree with you. Anita has some good traits but some kind of annoying ones too like she is all that. Just reading about how she literally monitors her husband sends chills down my spine. I would not put up with that whether I am a man or woman since that shows lack of trust and control which is not a good thing in any relationship or marriage. I think Anita used to be pretty when she was younger but has not aged very well as she has hyperthyroidism which impacts your looks a lot if not managed well.

      Anita seems to always control Chilam to the extent of going through his phone too. That is a big no no… I think he could have done better as Anita seems to think she is all that and is controlling too. Not to say she treats him badly, but I get the feeling like he is the henpecked husband. I do not find that kind of relationship/marriage admirable at all but yet people are always stating that they are a model couple. I personally do not feel it.

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