Chilam Cheung and Myolie Wu Crowned Most Popular Actors at Young Choice Awards 2013

Chilam Cheung (張智霖) and Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) were in Beijing on November 20 to accept the awards for Most Popular Hong Kong/Taiwan Actor and Actress at the Young Choice Awards 2013 <青春的選擇2013年度盛典>.

Held by and Shenzhen Satellite Television, the Young Choice Awards selects nominees in music, film, and television categories based on online search trends. Fans are then encouraged to vote for their favorite idols every day until the polling deadline.

Riding on the popularity of summer blockbuster Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄 II>, Chilam and Myolie easily claimed victory yesterday. Even though she has won other mainland awards in the past, Myolie is particularly happy this time around because the award was given to her by her fans. Already a TV Queen, Myolie does not seem too anxious about the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards. While she has received less pre-race buzz than usual, her Young Choice win shows that she is still a force that cannot be ignored.

By contrast, TV King favorite Chilam is very motivated to win this year because something important is at stake. He and wife Anita Yuen (袁詠儀) have apparently entered into a bet regarding his chances. “She said I will not win. If I win she will treat me to meals for three months. If not, I will have to buy her a watch….” Chilam seems to find the bet unfair, lamenting that Anita had already picked out a watch worth a hefty, six-digit sum.

Aside from Chilam and Myolie’s win, Triumph in the Skies 2 also proved itself a favorite among mainland’s youths, winning the honor of Most Popular Film and Television Production.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. congrats to myolie!!!! ha this is evident that myolie is the most popular hk actress now! not only from tvb idiotic seelai audience but also the hip younger generations!! proud of her achievement! myolie has come a long way in her career! surprised that the current highest fee and younger linda is less popular but happy with this! this shows that tvb should treasure myolie more since she’s the only one from tvb getting this!

    congrats to chilam. looks like triumph2 and captain cool turn his somewhat stagnant career around. glad for him. captain cool indeed help him a lot, so i still think he should get only the favourite role award at the anniversary and not the tv king.

    1. so funny that although fala is the first lead actress of triumph2 and got more promotion, myolie is proving to be more successful and popular than her 🙂

      poor francis, he’s forgotten everywhere. no awards.

      1. That’s because Fala didnt have much of a breakthrough in the Mainlands as Myolie did/does, thus Fala doesnt have much of bigger fanbase than Myolie. And it is quite obvious Myolie quite well received and successful, whoever said that she was less of a success or unpopular- so she doesnt need to ‘prove’ herself anything lol. So how it that so funny? It’s cool that you show your support for your favourite artists’, but it seems always so necessary for you to try and squash down other artists in the process lol. Just a very funny thought.

      2. well it’s a fact that myolie is more popular than fala in mainland now although fala is more promoted in triumph2.

      3. this award is very meaningful because it’s a fair and square fan voted award not something that given by tvb or a tv station 😛

    2. yeh well chi lam can win the tv king award if tvb wants to give it to chi lam agree poor francis

      1. giving the tv king award to chilam will be unfair to other actors. his acting is super ordinary, only the role captain cool is written to be captivating and likeable especially early in the series that help him build the hype. you can tell that chilam’s acting is weaker on the second half when captain cool got annoying.

        francis has no worth to tvb and triumph2 isn’t his best.

      2. I heard that many parts of Chilam’s screen time had been cut off due to the departure of Fala Chen. In that case, how could his acting be convincing during the 2nd half of the drama series?

      3. @ Sandcherry

        Where did you hear that? I mean, I KNOW a lot of his scenes were cut, because they are missing and he said so himself of Weibo. I just didn’t know/hear it was due to Fala’s departure.

      4. Well, that is the rumour I got from Hong Kong media. Not sure if it is true though.

      5. @selfiwu

        the same can be said about kenneth.
        his acting is only so so and he’s not yet a TV king material.

        all he had was a good role (cheung yat kin) and luck that the drama (on call) received well.

      6. I will vote ron for best supporting actor for the role issac

  2. Congrats to them both! I hope that Chilam will be able to get his wife a watch. 😉

  3. great to see Myolie and Chilam both winning together 😀 !! Also good to see Myolie’s popularity in the Mainlands on the rise!

    1. agree with clementine! this means myolie is the most popular hk artiste in mainland by winning this mainland award! so happy for her achievement!

      1. You must forget that Fala did win a China BA award this year, too.

      2. I don’t know which award means more these days as there are so many awards given.

    2. Uhh, I wouldnt state she’s ‘the most popular HK artist’ in the Mainland- Charmaine is perhaps one of the stronger female HK artists flying high in the Mainlands. But I do hope Myolie gets more opportunities in the future in be as popular as Charmaine back in China. But also hope they dont forget their roots and abandon HK all

  4. among all tvb fadans, myolie is the most successful. she’s the only one entering forbes list, the first to win tv queen, and has the most awards in her collection from many countries hk, mainland, singapore and malaysia.

    myolie should quit tvb and get better success outside. it’s evident that tvb is taking her for granted now when she’s the most fadan still contracted with tvb.

    1. Well, reality is tvb takes everyone for granted nowadays, not just myolie. Also there is possibility of being more successful outside, lets not forget Mainland is quite competitive too and more or less the market there is quite different and unpredictable- she may become just like one of the many artists’ acting in Mainlands. Without tvb she wouldnt have what she has gained now, although tvb can sometimes if not most times make ppl want to throw bricks at them for their politics and treatment towards their artists/staff…but I really hope she doesnt ever just cut all ties with tvb and shift to Mainland, neglecting Hk all together. She’d be slowly losing her fanbase in HK imo.

    2. LOL All TVB fadans or current fadans? Because Charmaine won TV Queen before Myolie. Charmaine is STILL a fadan.

      Anyway, the Mainland market may be big, but artists like Myolie is just a fish in the sea. She hasn’t quit TVB bc she has yet to establish herself in Mainland. No, it’s not about getting offers to film series. There are so many productions every year. It’s about being recognized. Take Sammul and Kevin for example. Both are successful in Mainland now after being recognized for their roles/series. Myolie is not there yet and besides competition is tough. There’s always LSS and Yang Mi types that are preferred.

      1. I hope she acts in more mainland series. She is very refreshing and natural in both physical looks and acting capabilities.

    3. Among all TVB fadans, I wouldn’t want to say Myolie Wu is the most successful one in terms of winning wards from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. Charmaine Sheh should be the one.

  5. Just curious how come nowadays have so many type of awards. Thinking there ain’t any value to the awards to whoever has won it. There is too many awards and significant award value the most.

    1. ^ totally agree with you. It seems all too very common nowadays for entertainment companies to create an award category. It all goes back to the idea of making money being part of the business game, creat noise and hype amongst viewers and get their attention and support.

    2. Totally agree. Every magazine in every city of Mainland China can run this type of awards. It is meaningless.

  6. I wish they win the TVB King and Queen…they act much better than Kenneth Ma and Linda. (I am not a fans of any of them, just really based on acting)

  7. The most successful tvb fadan in china is Ada. Not Charmaine nor Myolie. But it’s simply a matter of picking the right roles in the right production, like Kevin. Like how sheren rejected acting in Zhen Huan to act in the remake of HZGG.

  8. Congrats !!!
    Is it me, or is Myolie looking better & better these days 🙂

    1. I think Myolie has become more prettier after her break-up with Bosco. It seems to me that going through the heartbreak and being single again makes her look more mature and brings out the finest of the her beauty

  9. my guess is chi lam is one of the most popular artist in 2013 like kevin cheng in 2011

    1. Anita Yuen is very smart. If Chilam wins, it means that she will get a watch plus Chilam gets an award. It is, in fact, a double win to her.

  10. Congratulations to My Dearest Myolie! I’m very happy that my super Idol win Awards… That truly approved Myolie is the Best! Really love when I see her in mainland dramas. But in Tvb love too but is different because in mainland drama ha store episode and has more details. Btw please if someone has this award in video, please shared. Thanks

  11. WOW….Myolie and Chilam are great!!! I hope both Myolie and Chilam can be more popular。

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