Chilam Cheung is an Avid Art Collector

Following his passion of collecting cars, expensive watches, and real estate properties, Chilam Cheung (張智霖) discovered a new favorite – collecting art pieces. With a great eye for expensive artwork, Chilam has not recorded any losses yet and has accumulated nearly 100 million Chinese yuan in art pieces.

When asked how he became interested in art collecting, Chilam replied, “My friends and I were talking about this, and I thought I would attend an auction event for fun. The more events I attended, the more I became interested. I would do research on my own, and try to understand the different styles between different artists. That’s how I really started buying art.”

Noting that some art pieces in his collection have already doubled in value, Chilam attributes this to “good timing” and “choosing the right time to actually buy the paintings.”

When asked if he was scared of buying million-dollar paintings at first, Chilam said confidently, “I didn’t invest that much in the beginning. I primarily wanted to buy art for decorating my house, but I slowly turned into an enthusiast. I became bolder and braver after seeing pieces from my favorite artists.” Chilam revealed that his favorite artist is Yayoi Kusama, but lamented that he was unable to meet her in person despite frequenting her art exhibits.

Previously a car collector, Chilam is stepping away from cars because of how quickly they lose their value and prefers to invest his money in items that appreciate in value over time.

Retirement in Five Years?

Career wise, Chilam mentions that he will likely retire from the acting within the next five years. Although he is popular in Chinese variety shows, he noted, “Being able to do one more before turning 50 is really great! I can’t keep up physically anymore – I can feel it, especially when I have to work late nights for filming or training for concerts. It’s a lot of work. That’s why I’ll most likely retire from onscreen activities within five years!”

Explaining that he is not retiring from the entertainment industry entirely, Chilam hopes to continue working behind the scenes and invest in projects and films. If the pandemic did not occur, he would have already started planning for his final concert tour.


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      1. Oh yes! There was a dot room with our exhibit and my youngest son, when he was a toddler, was there too. Makes for great pictures!

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