Chinese Bus Driver Has Shocking Resemblance to Leslie Cheung

Superstar Leslie Cheung (張國榮) passed away 16 years ago, but he still lives in the hearts of his fans. They miss him very much and are always thinking of him. Every year, his supporters organize various mourning activities on his death anniversary to remember him. Thus, frenzy ensued when a video of a Mainland bus driver who closely resembled Leslie emerged.

Last year, some Mainland Chinese netizens posted a short video of Leslie’s doppelganger, who echoed the late singer’s appearance, features, expressions, and eyes. Recently, this video made its round on the Internet once again and became a hot topic after a video of a makeup artist who looked like Leslie was circulating online earlier.

Viewers were surprised that the bus driver could look so similar to Leslie and asked if he was Leslie reincarnated. Some thought his eyes bore the most resemblance to “Asia’s Gay Icon.” In disbelief, a couple of netizens want to take the bus he drives to have a look, while others hope Leslie is living an ordinary life.

One netizen, in particular, said it’s a waste the driver is not famous, as he was born so handsome. He could be an Internet personality and bank on his resemblance to Leslie to earn more money than he does as a driver. However, the driver dismissed the idea and said, “I just want to make a living through my efforts. I don’t want to rely on others to eat. I only want to be an ordinary person in my life.”

Netizens praised him for being so modest and practical.

Source: HK01

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  1. Oh man I thought it was just the angle on the first pic but the following pics look just like him too. I miss gor gor :'(

      1. @cutie777 It was a nickname that fans and colleague affectionately called him by. I don’t know where it really originated from. Some sources said Joey Wong, some said Carina Lau.

  2. I wonder if any normal driver would look good as well if people take creepy photos of the bus driver’s eye in the rear view mirror.

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