Leslie Cheung’s Lover Has Remained Single for 12 Years

To many, the 1st of April holds a special significance as 12 years ago, the late Leslie Cheung (張國榮) had committed suicide.

News of the tragedy were met with great sorrow and shock among Leslie’s fans, many of whom still adorn his handprint on the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars with flowers every year at his death anniversary. Fans from Mainland China especially traveled to Hong Kong to remember Leslie. A group of Leslie’s fans organized an event to commemorate Leslie’s past concert performances.

Leslie’s death not only had an impact on his fans but also left an indelible mark on his lover and childhood friend, Daffy Tong (唐鶴德), who has remained single to this day. Daffy and Leslie were well acquainted since their boyhood, with Daffy being the godson of Leslie’s mother. When Leslie was 26 and Daffy was 24, the friendship between the two blossomed into love. The duo stuck by each other throughout the ups and downs of life. Sadly, the two lovers were separated by Leslie’s tragic death.

Source: Chinayes.com

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  1. Didn’t realize it’s been 12 years since he left. Guess he can’t find anyone as great as Leslie, therefore he chose to remain single.

  2. I honestly can’t imagine losing a lover as tragically as that. Don’t know how some people deal with it. It’d probably drive me off the wall. I still feel bad for him.

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