Daffy Tong’s Love for Leslie Cheung Remains Strong

April 1, 2013 will mark the 10th anniversary of singer/actor Leslie Cheung’s (張國榮) death.  Among the many commemorative events in Hong Kong, the “Miss You Much Leslie” exhibition at Times Square features a 6-meter statue of Leslie and a large transparent archway which housed 1.9 million paper cranes made by Leslie’s fans from all over the world. Leslie’s long-time partner, Daffy Tong (唐鶴德) made a rare appearance yesterday at the opening ceremony, speaking about his love for the great legend.

Dressed in black and white, Daffy appeared solemn and in low spirits on the way to Times Square. However, upon seeing Leslie’s fans, he smiled and waved to them. Accompanied by Leslie’s former manager, Florence Chan (陈淑芬), Daffy climbed on stage and thanked the fans and Florence for their effort. Together with Florence, Daffy pulled the ribbon, revealing Leslie’s 6-meter-high statue. In the hands of the statue was a large red paper crane which signified Leslie receiving the fans’ well wishes.

The large paper cranes exhibition, with 1, 900, 119 paper cranes sent in by fans from all around the world, has already broken the Guinness Book of World Records. Daffy accepted the certificate on behalf of Leslie, thanked the fans for such a gift, and said that Leslie would have been greatly touched by it as well.

Eternal Love

The quiet and low profile Daffy is a man of few words, but his support and love for Leslie has never been in doubt. When he lost Leslie in 2003, he had said, “Life has an end, but my love is endless” to express his eternal love for the legend. A few days ago, Daffy also expressed how much he missed Leslie by quoting Song dynasty poet, Su Shi (蘇軾)’s poem, River City <江城子>, which talks about a husband mourning his wife’s death.

Daffy is grateful towards Leslie’s fans for their gestures over the years. Daffy is also touched by the fans’ concern for him. In the past years, Daffy has always chosen to escape the painful reminders that were triggered near Leslie’s death anniversary. Although flying to America, this did not lessen Daffy’s pain.

Daffy said, “Through the passage of time, my wounds may be healing but I have too many wounds for all to heal!” Daffy further revealed his life these past few years has been simple and dull. Besides playing ball and meeting friends for meals, he spent most of his time at home. Having lost his most loved, Daffy now has also learnt to treasure the people around him. Daffy used a line from Leslie’s song, “This Life, This Time” <今生今世> to express his everlasting love for Leslie, “I want to meet him and embrace him in his next life.”

Florence Chan revealed to the press she has often updated Daffy of the events the fans have planned to commemorate Leslie. Because Daffy preferred not to draw attention to himself, he showed his support through other means such as lending Leslie’s trophy and stage costumes for the exhibition. But the fans have finally touched Daffy so much that he had decided to make an appearance for the opening ceremony.

Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

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  1. what’s the significance behind the 1, 900, 119 ?

    1. No significance. I think they were trying to get to Leslie’s birthday though. 🙁

      1. it should be 1,956,912 cranes. corresponding to his birth: 1956-09-12.

      2. It was not enough to reach the point, they tried their best.

    2. 9 is auspicious, maybe the 119 a play on that.

  2. What was the secret that the manager kept for so long all these year??

    1. This was what a person from another forum said:
      Gor Gor said ‘I finally can have a nice long rest.’ 『我終於可以好好地舒服睡一覺』.

      I wonder why it took her 10 years to share that??

      1. I didn’t get that part either …. i don’t think she needed to keep reminding the public about this message to remain in the headlines. Leslie himself was enough to sell all the tickets!

      2. I thought it would be some long and complicated message, but that was all it was…I wonder if she tried to make it sound all long and complicated just to attract more fans to come?? You really wonder what her motive’s were??

      3. What motives? Maybe it means nothing to you but it could mean something to daffy or those close to him.

      4. I did not mean it in a negative way, but the way that his former manager said it, it seemed like it was much more than that. Why could she not share it before?? Why wait until his 10 year anniversary to share that?? Honestly, I can say that it is wrong for anyone to question what her intent is. But then again, it is not like it matters anymore…

      5. @HeTieShou

        i’m sure we all saw this coming after they commercialized Leslie’s death. They do it every year but this year made me sort of angry with all the concerts and the books and that souvenir BS. Her agenda was pretty clear.

      6. If the admiration expressed in your feature to Leslie isn’t a sham, you would have visited his website, and know that the money raised is donated every year to charity.

        If you are so skeptical about it, maybe you should go audit their books? and you should visit the charities, audit their books, and see if they are real too. Maybe perform a background check on the organisation leader as well.

        The fans want the concerts. They want the world to remember the day Leslie Cheung died. They wish for the world to mourn for Leslie.

        Give the man some respect. It’s the anniversary of his death.
        Give the woman some respect. This is ALSO the anniversary she saw him jump to his death. You can’t imagine how one would feel? Maybe you are the cold-blooded one.

      7. It is 10th year anniversary. If not 10th year then when? If it was done each and every year then it is commercialised. If done once every decade, I don’t see a problem.

      8. How pathetic. Why can’t you people be a little more positive and look at the bright side instead of judging other’s motives and intentions?

      9. Frankly I am ok with whatever they are doing to commemorate his death. My issue is of course revealing what leslie wrote in confidence, like some sort of a soap opera. Let’s face it; the merchandize, the concert tickets (assuming normal price), the entire publicity, it smells of marketing and this marketing may be to commemorate his memory but it doesn’t hurt to earn money. I think criticisms are fair.

      10. @Nicole

        Haha, oh wow. Get off my back already, you’re worse than the teenagers who attack me on this site.

        2 things:
        1. Not 100% of the proceedings will be donated.

        2. Yearly charity benefits etc. are decided by the manager. You don’t see Anita Mui’s manager or Wong Kar-Kui’s manager do this every year.

        PS. if you think I’m fake or you don’t like me, then you don’t need to read my stuff.
        I don’t go out of my way to attack you, please extend the same courtesy to me.

      11. 1. All I can see on that site are a listing of expenses? You can’t possibly think everything is free in Hong Kong?

        Thus, I made a suggestion for you to check their accounts.

        2. “You don’t see Anita Mui’s manager or Wong Kar-Kui’s manager do this every year.”

        Have you considered their relationship with their managers?
        first manager -Leslie Chan
        1992: Left for AMUSE Japan
        1993: Death of WWK
        1994: Remaining Beyond members sued Leslie Chan.
        So, do you expect Leslie Chan or the Japanese company, where he was for a year, to organise concerts every year?
        How can you compare the feelings in a 20 year close relationship with any of those?
        I’ll be skeptical if they can even remember date of his death every year.

        Anita Mui – The whole estate saga with the greedy mom wanting more money? Can the manager hold concerts for Anita without the mom trying to profit off everything? Her fans aren’t stupid, they would boycott any concert organised by her mom.

        Leslie – His manager was with him for 20+ years, his fans trust her and believe her.
        The family trusts her (made a statement on their behalf a few days ago). Daffy Tong trusts her. And they all can’t tell if Florence Chan is using Leslie for money?

        Btw, here’s an article. It’s online. She only organised the concerts in 2003, 2008, and 2013. She also said she won’t organise anymore, as the audience will scold her for using leslie for publicity? You happy?


        If I’m worse than a teenager, what are you? Worse than a psychopath?

        If I’m giving you a hard time, you deserve it for disrespecting the memory of the Leslie and the tons of people who are still crying over his death, which includes his manager.

      12. And the fact that the highly anticipated so-call last message from GorGor IS NOT TRULY from him.
        The concert started off with the voice of Florence Chan (Leslie’s manager), she expressed Gor Gor left behind a riddle for her: “At 6:43 PM on the 1st of April 2003, there was a sound of thunder in the plain that shattered the hearts of many. At the time, I was at the scene and didn’t know what was going on, but then I suddenly heard a voice talking to me, ‘I can finally get a good comfortable sleep.
        So, it’s GorGor soul talking to her >.<?!

      13. Can’t even admit that your instigation was out of place when people are grieving.

        Psychopathic behaviour right there.

      14. @Nicole – I totally agree. Some stans are delusional such that they think that they are the ones who love their idols the most and that everyone else’s love for their idol is suspicious. Get real man, there are people – his family, his partner, his best friend – who are much closer to him and who hurt more than you can ever feel. To you, that person is an idol, but to them, that person is a part of their lives.

      15. @cara
        When I looked on Leslie’s forums, the stans are very supportive of the family, partner and manager. That alone, I found pretty interesting, as they are usually skitterish about that.

        They may have a better overview of the manager’s motivation, because they Kept up with Leslie news through out the years before and after he’s gone, poring over all his interviews, whereas, the rest of us only hear about things when it’s blown up or skewed to be scandalous. Thus I place more weight on their opinion of Florence chan, rather than the media’s publicity scandals and also found their reasoning more sound.

    2. warning to other actors.. don’t appoint florence chan as your manager

      1. She is Jacky Cheung’s manager.
        Making a choice between Jacky Cheung’s endorsement or your warning must be hard.

  3. This is just so touching and very sweet… I hope that Daffy will move on in his life and not just live in the painful past. However, his love for Leslie can always remain in his heart. Heard the concert was very touching and the message from the manager was very short, but yet she made it sound so long and complicated. Great to know that so many still love and remember Leslie. I wonder if they will still rememeber him many years from now as well.

    1. I think so … people still remember Wong Ka Kui from Beyond

      1. People still remember Barbara YUng too and she passed away in 1985.

      2. How come to concert to commemorate Wong Ka Kui?

  4. I just watched the concert they did for Leslie. Sheesh, I cried like crazy. Everyone had a lot of great things to say about Leslie, made the tears flow down that much quicker.

    RIP Gor Gor

    1. Where did you watch it? I wonder if it will be released on DVD.

    2. you can see it on youtube .. just search leslie cheung and filter on upload date.

  5. Daffy Tong (the husband role?) looks so handsome and manly while Leslie (the other role) looks so compatible as a couple in this pic..its a classic pic.. leslie has championed LGBT cause openly and been widely respeted…He is Hero

    1. ” leslie has championed LGBT cause openly and been widely respeted”

      Considering he himself was gay and in a loving openly gay relationship that everyone knew but no one openly talked about, I don’t see what is so heroic for doing something he was already in anyway.

      1. Ya please don’t misuse the word, “hero”.

    2. I don’t understand. A lot of people respect that he is gay but condemn others who are. Is it only because he is Leslie Cheung?

      1. People can accept (or overlook) that Leslie is gay, but are up in arms when others like Anthony Wong or Denise Ho announce they’re gay.

      2. Why do you think Leslie was any less ostracised for being gay than Anthony Wong or Denise Ho? Shouldnt the fact that he committed suicide say how his life was not all hunky dory?
        Im in all honesty not that impressed that the manager released this message 10 years after either. It was never going to be a happy message but to me it’s a very despairing. I think alot of die hard fans was thinking the reason it happened would come to light? But I guess that is something Leslie wanted to remain private.

      3. I think overlook is a better word, and that is because Leslie never really came out so in a big way like Denise did? Did he ever admitted he is gay?

      4. @Funn

        He implied it by pointing out Daffy at a concert I think. Either way, he didn’t let being gay define him which is why no-one really cared.

        And that’s totally the right way to go about it.

      5. @dd like how you say it.
        I don’t get it why some ppl has to announce it to the whole world.

  6. The yearly candlelight vigil will be held at Jardine House Central at 6.41pm.

    I must go.

  7. Leslie is too beautiful or handsome…for a man that always be remembered by his fans.

  8. I could not help but wonder what if Daffy has wanted to move on? He couldn’t really because he is reminded of Leslie vividly year after year.

    Also I feel there is an expectation from the fans for him to live with the memories of Leslie. Will the fans be understanding should he one day choose to have another partner?

    1. I should hope that fans would support him if he finds another love. I dont see why he shouldnt move on and find happiness again. It might be his own choice that he’s still not in a serious relationship though. After all, he’s not really part of the circle, so he wouldnt really receive that much backlash over his personal life?

      1. Doesn’t matter if he isn’t a celeb he will be someone associated with a celeb, not just any celeb, but a superstar. Anything he does will be closely spied upon, and this goes for the celeb kids too. What you do, what you like, what you dislike, what you ate yesterday, how many hours you slept and the list goes on. Amazed he can get off the spotlight.

    2. Karen,
      Eventually Daffy would like to find love again (not sure if he has already), but he can still cherish his love for Leslie in his heart.

      Leslie’s fans are a bit older, having grown up with him in the 80s and 90s, and likely gone through multiple relationships and marriage already themselves, so they should be understandable that no matter how passionate a love once was, people will move on with time. But it doesn’t mean that Daffy would forget Leslie.

    3. As he’s living in the states, it’s not that hard. But even the fans can’t forget Leslie, what more him?

  9. And the fact that the highly anticipated so-call last message from GorGor IS NOT TRULY from him.
    Read the below article
    The concert started off with the voice of Florence Chan (Leslie’s manager), she expressed Gor Gor left behind a riddle for her: “At 6:43 PM on the 1st of April 2003, there was a sound of thunder in the plain that shattered the hearts of many. At the time, I was at the scene and didn’t know what was going on, but then I suddenly heard a voice talking to me, ‘I can finally get a good comfortable sleep.
    So, it’s GorGor soul talking to her >.<?!

    1. Err…so Leslie didnt even personally say this to her. What a joke!

      1. That’s is why some of GorGor die hard fans can’t blame others for having negative thoughts bout that manager. It’s just obvious that she is using the so-call last message to attract crowds to the concert.
        Still remember earlier posts where the manager said to Leslie’s fans to come early as she will disclosed Leslie’s LAST WORD. She kept it in her heart for 10years and finally have the courage to say it bili bala >.<||
        Just like Gordon's case, he too mistrusted his manager @@!!

      2. Yen, can you look at the singers in the run down?
        Tony Leung, Anthony Wong, Hins Cheung, Joey Yung, Grasshopper, Julian Cheung, Vivian Chow, Tai Chi, Leo Ku, Andy Hui, Karen Mok, Kiki Sheung, Kelly Chen and Jacky Cheung.

        Is there any need for the message to attract crowds?
        And the tickets are only 250/300 hkd each.
        It is insulting to jacky cheung and tony Leung or joey yung by saying they can’t attract a crowd,…

      3. Oh, so that message was not even from Leslie to her directly?? I thought that he sent her that in a voicemail directly??

      4. I don’t think Yen meant that Tony, Jacky and others can’t attract a crowd. But I don’t feel it is wrong for others to suspect the manager’s intentions, especially when he did not even say that directly to her. That was what I thought at first… But oh well, it is no longer important…

      5. @HTS
        thanks thanks 🙂
        You speak my minds out 🙂

        Surely those megastars are enough to attract crowds and wow!! I didn’t realised that the tickets is that cheap! I mean it’s that the price for all seats or the lowest price?
        If in Malaysia, tickets prices around RM200-300, most of the concerts, you’ll only be able to see your idol through the projector >.<||
        It's just that if that manager didn't go to press earlier and said such things, so mysterious stuffs – to reveal GorGor last word to her, the fact she was the last person he contacted, they are to meet that day and many more.
        Even I'm just a small fan of Leslie, it got me anticipate a lot to know WOW! WHAT IS THAT FINAL WORD?
        As Leslie's suicide still remains a ???? to a lot of ppl.
        Still remember how reports reported that he got into his character too deep (a ghost movie) that led him to his suicide and also many more speculations!
        Thus, it's normal for others to feel "DENNNGGGG!!" when Lolll the so-call Leslie's last word DOESN'T even DIRECTLY FROM HIM.
        Might as well the next time, she comes up with yeah, GorGor comes to my dreams and tells me this and that xD

      6. @yen
        Thats why i brought up the ticket price. All the tickets were at 250/300 hkd… Even 300hkd is only 120myr…so cheap, you can’t even go to.a concert in Malaysia with 120 MYR? If someone is so money minded, with that cast,they can price at 500! 1000! I bet everyone will still snap them up.. But she didn’t.

        Did you also know all hk tv channels broadcasted Leslie’s concert? (including ATV and others) if Florence chan is so moneyminded, she can make an exclusive deal with tvb? :/ how much more can she make?

      7. @HST/yen

        Spiritual vs science
        I think that while most of us here, don’t believe in supernatural stuff, there are many older people that do, eg those people who rear “ghost child”, get cursed in Thailand, or see ghosts. Even my own grandmother says my grandfather visited ._. But they believe. Not us. Did you read about the singer friend who went to a medium to speak to leslie?
        – if your own grandmother says your grand father visited, would you be ” HaHaHahA what dream is that, next you will say he appear in her soup.” or feel sad?
        We don’t believe, but doesn’t mean they don’t. Gorgor

      8. @Nicole
        It’s realllyyyy so cheap!!!
        There’s still be tickets around RM80 but I doubt anyone will want to buy it as the seats are just wayyy toooo far from the stage. Even it’s given out for free, which happens most the time, ppl will find it a waste of time to go >.<||
        I went for fun with my friends during Kelly's concert many years ago and we left after 1 hour! It's too far!
        We can only watched through the projector and Kelly's look like an ant to us xD
        I bought tickets to watch Jacky Cheung twice and the most expensive I've bought RM320, still it's far!
        When my friends got free tickets to watch Justin's, I told her count me out, tickets at RM200++, might as well wait the DVD to release. Hahas.
        As for spiritual stuffs, I have no comment on that. My mum did told me she saw and dreamt bout my greatgrandma. I told her simply because she misses her too much and also haizz the fact that she is now getting older and living alone 🙁
        Thus, I make sure to see her as often as I can.
        To me, it's just our mind is playing games with us.

      9. @Nicole –

        I also question Florence intentions for her “message” revealed at the concert, however, I’m not leaning towards a negative scope. FC seemed like she wanted people to remember Leslie and the way she presented the message didn’t sit well with a lot of people.

        I don’t doubt FC’s loyalty to Leslie nor do I think she did all of this for money. She honestly wanted a memorial for Leslie … but her excessive mentioning of the message left a bad taste.

      10. Pandamao
        I’m confused how many times she said that though? If it’s excessive, did she keep repeating on separate occasions, or did articles keep bringing it up?

      11. Well I definitely read a lot of news articles mentioning it …

        The articles I can recall –
        – the origami plan, she mentioned it
        – the Leslie display, she mentioned it
        – exclusive interviews, she mentioned it

      12. Ah well, in interviews, if the reporters don’t ask, I’m sure bosco and myolie won’t say anything about each other, but they always had to! So I won’t say they are excessively using it for publicity, just excessively inquired over it. :p

        Likewise, in interviews, “Leslie’s message” would be brought up? That’s the job of journalists, to get more info people want to hear, maybe they thought they can try and get her to reveal more?

      13. @Pandamao,
        Well said and that was what I wanted to say…

      14. @Nicole,
        You bought up some good points and it is true that the older generation believes in the spritual stuff a lot. I personally sort of do as well because I have had constant dreams of my loved ones that have passed on. However, they never tell me anything significant. I guess they just want to let me know that they are ok are still with me. The older generation in my family really believe it. In fact, one of cousins who is around my age never believed in it until one night he said that he saw my dad’s spirit come to visit him. He was so scared that he freaked out…. I guess in our generation we don’t believe it until we see it ourselves.

    2. And the issue here is not whether spiritual or etc but the way she made it sounds as if Leslie left a WILL. His last words. Why he choosed such a way.
      If she didn’t made it a huge announcement that there’ll be GORGOR LAST WORD than its okay.
      Those doesn’t really comes from Leslie. Those are her own thoughts.
      Knowing the roller coaster life that an artist had to endure, we will surely feel yup, it’s better for them. At last they can have peace and a real good sleep.
      Such as MJ, Whitney’s Houston, Heath Ledger and many more.
      Actually this also applies to all of us when someone passed away.
      She made it sounds as Leslie left her a note telling her the REAL REASON of his suicide.
      Not lollll she heard a voice whispered to her ears @@!
      Plus Lolll “now I can have a good zzz”, she needed that 10 YEARS to announce it and will only do so at his concert?!
      She should come forward to clear all those negative speculations of Leslie’s suicide when it happened 10 years ago.
      1. He got serious disease – AIDS
      2. He got haunted/possed
      3. He is sick-spiritually/mentally (the dangerous fact when actor being too deep in their character)
      4. He can’t accept the fact he is aging. He wants to remembered in his best time and best look but lots of ppls question this, as loll jumping off a building doesn’t leave a “nice [email protected]
      She should’ve came forward to dismiss it all and said NO, HE JUST WANT TO HAVE A GOOD SLEEP.

  10. Daffy Tong is a banker, which banks did he work for and which department? I can’t find it in the english google.

      1. Better question. What is Daffy married a Mr Duck?

  11. All I can think of is $$$. Memory should be kept in mind and soul not flaunt it.

  12. Watched Lesley interviewed by Theresa mo. He proposed to Theresa mo and got rejected. When Theresa asked, would it be different if I accepted your proposal? And Leslie said Yes, I think my life would be different. So actually he is not really Gay then. I think He truly loved TM back then.

    1. Nope. I read that he considered himself bi-sexual because he’s had girlfriends in the past too (including Teresa Mo of course).

    2. As Leslie said himself in an interview with TIME magazine, he was bisexual. So he would have still been attracted to men even if he was married, but probably would not have acted on his attraction, as Leslie is very loyal in love (he doesn’t strike me as a cheater who’d hurt his loved one ie. wife with an affair). That said, if he had married Teresa Mo, I do believe that Leslie’s life would have been different and they could have been very happy together. Teresa always made Leslie laugh and vice versa. Even in their movies , you can see they sparkle together with so much chemistry and mutual affection. Leslie is simply more alive, mischievious and radiantly zany around Teresa (and she totally gets him, lol), that’s why he requested that Raymond Wong cast her as his partner in the All’s Well Ends Well movie. Teresa also strikes me as a very maternal figure, so she will definitely take good care of Leslie’s needs if she was his wife.

      And speaking of Teresa Mo, one of the most touching segments of the concert on 31st was the video that she recorded talking about how Leslie and her used to always sing Chinese Opera together for fun, and after Leslie departed, whenever she hears/sees Chinese Opera, she is reminded of Leslie. Teresa was still so emotional when talking about Leslie. You can tell that they truly had a special and deep relationship. So sad.

      1. Thanks for the info Felicity!!! I guess we will always be left wondering how Leslie’s life would have been if he married Teresa. I have been wondering about it for many many years… I guess we will never truly get an answer.

  13. Hhh I always thought it was gum sum gum sai as in contented heart, contented life hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  14. I was a guest in the Hotel Mandarin, the night Leslie Cheung jumped from his room. Apparently, he had his own private suite there, near the gymnasium and bar on the 24th floor. I cannot believe it’s now ten years since this has happened. Trust me to arrive in Hong Kong on April Fool’s day, when all the tourists were being advised not to travel there because of Sarrs. My plane was delayed, and rerouted, and eventually I arrived there jetlagged. My friend a lawyer met me at the airport, and I went to bed in our hotel room. My friend went out for the afternoon, he said he was going to the office of the person he was working for. However, he often didn’t tell me the truth, as he was an alcoholic, and I thought he’s most probably gone to the hotel bar.
    For some reason, I looked at the clock when my friend reentered the room, it was 6.40pm. My friend went to the bathroom washed his hands. I heard an ambulance siren, and my friend looked out of the window. He said, get dressed quickly and we’ll go out for a meal. We went through the hotel internal tunnels to the middle of H.K. He seemed pre-occupied during the meal, quieter than normal and seemed annoyed when I went on chatting.
    It wasn’t till the next day, we went outside the hotel entrance that I saw all the flower tributes, and found out about the ‘jump’. I was shocked to the core, and felt scared. I looked at the flowers, and there was a bouquet and a message from my friend. I said, ‘how did you get the flowers here, if we’ve only just found out about this?’ To make it worse, my friend was drunk, and boasted to fans on the street that he’d been having a meal with Leslie the night before he died. I began to get paranoid, and think all sort of things… it was like some bad film. I had fear for the rest of the holiday, the hotel was quite empty, because of Sarrs, and we kept upgrading – and we went out with some people who stayed there. I kept questioning my friend, and asked him if he was in the room with him at the time he jumped. My friend told me, that Leslie had HIV, and was very depressed when he went for a meal with him. It was frowned upon at the time for being a gay icon. I wondered if this actor, had felt pressurized by it all. I didn’t really know much about him, I’ve never seen ‘Farewell my Concubine’, which I was told he was in. Although, I did have suspicion for a while of my friend. However, my friend was a bit of a softy at heart, although he could be a bit crazy when he was drunk. I don’t think he could’ve harmed anyone as he was kind. My friend also had depression, he was once a brilliant lawyer, and lost everything with drink, and was devastated by divorce, and created controversy with the establishment where I live.. Maybe the two of them talking, and being depressed, made the actor finally decide to jump.. My friend, has also gone to spirit, after the battle of alcoholism finally won. I believe in the afterlife, and their souls live on. I hope this throws some light on this mystery.

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