Jacky Cheung Explains Reason Behind Concert Cancellation

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Stepping into his 30th year in the music industry, Jacky Cheung (張學友) was originally scheduled to perform in April at the Hong Kong Coliseum. However, Jacky suddenly announced the cancellation of his concert. Early rumors of why Jacky made such a decision pointed to his disagreement with Florence Chan (陳淑芬), whom had organized Jacky’s previous concerts. Opening up for the first time about his relationship with Florence, Jacky discussed the real reason as to why he decided to abandon his 30th Anniversary concert.

Jacky mentioned that he was not the who had scheduled the concert in April. Jacky explained that he will not perform at a concert unless he has a clear inspiration. “If there isn’t a meaning, then it shouldn’t be forced. Yes, the concert appointment was made, but it was everyone’s idea and I’ve been clear all along – I wasn’t sure if I’ll be able to come up with something meaningful and convince myself! If there is no meaning, why am I going to stand on stage? Why not just have a fan meet and let it be simple. I have high standards when it comes to performances, and I’m not going to sing just because it’s been 30 years. Why can’t it be a 31st, or 33rd anniversary?”

Accumulation of Disagreements with Florence Chan

The former manager of Leslie Cheung (張國榮), Florence Chan was widely regarded to also be Jacky’s manager. However, Jacky clarified that he manages his own career, but had collaborated with Florence in past concerts.

When Jacky shockingly cancelled his April concert, many believed that he and Florence had a dispute. Admitting there have been disagreements with Florence, Jacky disclosed, “It’s not just about whether or not this performance will go through or not! My problems in the relationship I have with her are not just from today – they have accumulated over the years. There are some things that need to be solved. If they are unable to be solved, then perhaps we should not collaborate together anymore!”

Reduces Workload to Increase Family Time

Over the last 15 years, Jacky has reduced his workload, carefully selecting only high quality projects that interest him. This allows him more time to focus on his family. “After becoming a father, I have to take care of my family. However, people are selfish. I want to spend time with my children, but I also like to perform, so I have to find a balance. It is necessary to compromise and give up something. I’m very lucky to be able to choose, so I chose to to spend more time with my family.”

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26 comments to Jacky Cheung Explains Reason Behind Concert Cancellation

  1. S says:

    I absolutely love Jacky Cheung! Also think he gave very honest and mature responses. This Florence Chan woman seems to be a bit of a manipulator in my opinion.

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  2. Ken Wu says:

    Come on, this sounds like he’s piss about something, especially her, 30 years is a big deal

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  3. Tess says:

    Someone like his standards craves for nothing but perfection. Totally support you, Jacky!

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    • Elizabeth replied:

      I went to one of his Melbourne concerts a few years back, and yes, Jacky Cheung is a perfectionist. All the sets are costumes are immaculate but he gives a wonderful performance that is well worth the fight over tickets. And he gets so happy at times that he sings encore over and over again just to make his fans happy.

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      • HeShouWu replied:

        I was at his concert in Las Vegas. His mike malfunctioned and he actually got really mad on stage when no one came to switch it out for him. I love the fire.

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  4. nomad 822 says:

    >>>My problems in the relationship I have with her are not just from today – they have accumulated over the years. There are some things that need to be solved. If they are unable to be solved, then perhaps we should not collaborate together anymore!”

    IF accurate/correctly translated:
    For the lowkey and laidback Jacky to vocally voice all this out loud – this hints of more going on behind the scenes after the cancellation of the concert.

    At the end of the day, regardless of who organizes it – he’s the accountable effort/name who will be majorly responsible for the delivery outcome of this concert.

    In total agreement with what he says outlines very reasonably = IF he wants to do a 33rd/35th/whatever celebration instead of a 30th, it’s entirely HIS choice. Why have the pressure of a 30th when he doesn’t want it himself?

    I started finding her advertising hype quite distasteful sometime ago.
    Florence Chan tends to package her self agenda as “for the fans” – but fails to mention the proceeds contribute to lining her own pockets, not non-profit out of the ‘goodness of her heart’ intentions.

    And marketing the friends, ‘down to earth’ hypocrisy type angle. For “good friend” she supposedly is to Leslie – financially capitalizing on a dead man’s fame and memory = that’s not what ‘friends’ do in each other’s memory.

    And IF anything worthy is an intimate shared moment between them both – do NOT share it, fanservice or not. That’s just being respectful. Especially if the other party can’t even say yes/no.

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  5. Jen says:

    It’s a possibility that this concert didn’t sell well, so they pulled the plug.

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    • denn replied:

      it is very very less likely that jacky cheung’s concert do not sell well…

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      • pandamao replied:

        Agree. Almost impossible for it to not sell well

        I see there r lots of drama and it’s taking away from his concentration to give a high quality performance

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    • Clementine replied:

      Uhhhh, I don’t think that’s the case. Every single time I book tickets for his concerts whenever I get a chance to see him in my country, his shows book out like crazy. I had to buy my tickets off someone online for his very latest one because the person couldn’t go on the last minute. I don’t think the reason would be because it didn’t sell well, and I can’t imagine him pulling out of everything he worked on just because his tickets didn’t sell as expected. That would be insane, all that work and effort put into the show and preparation and cancelling it.. O_o..

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    • llwy12 replied:

      WTH? This is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone say Jacky’s concert tickets don’t sell well. Do you know how hard it is to get tickets? And how expensive they are? Every single show of his sells out within hours, which is why us fans usually have to monitor really closely and buy tickets the minute they are released to the public (especially if we want the ‘up close’ seats).

      People please do your research before making senseless comments. Jacky already clarified several times that he cancelled the HK Coliseum slot because he is not ready for a concert yet –think about it — his album just came out in December and he’s been spending most of his time since then promoting the album, so he has no time to prepare for a concert at the moment (he needs at least a year to prepare). He already told his record company that when he is ready for a concert, he will let them know and then they can start the process of booking venues.

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      • anoninhk replied:

        i love jacky, and how he acts responsibly for everything he does. he’s right – 30 years in the industry doesn’t really mean squat if his heart isn’t in it. i hope i can see him in on stage when he next holds a concert.

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    • llwy12 replied:

      By the way…the comment about them ‘pulling the plug’ because the concert doesn’t sell well doesn’t even make sense…Jacky was actually the one who decided to cancel the HK coliseum slot, not the organizers. I’m sure Florence Chan is beating her chest right now because she won’t get a piece of the lucrative pie, since Jacky’s concerts are a guaranteed huge revenue stream (Universal is actually lucky that Jacky chose to let them organize his concert instead — they will make alot of money for sure).

      Also, just to clarify — Jacky technically did not cancel his concert, as there were no preparations made for a concert in the first place…all he did was cancel the HK Coliseum booking that Florence Chan had made (this way, other singers who need it can have that slot). The way the article was written is very misleading — it actually did a very poor job of ‘recapping’ Jacky’s interview with CRHK.

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      • EkinFan replied:

        I just wanted to add when I watched him in Vegas a few years back and he’s the only Asian male singer that can hold a concert 3 nights straight at Ceasars palace and sold well.

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      • llwy12 replied:

        @Ekinfan:  Yes, you are correct – in fact, Jacky is the ONLY Asian singer who is able to hold a concert for 3 nights straight (at the ‘regular’ timeslot) at Caesar’s Palace – most of the other Asian singers who get to perform in Vegas usually have to do it at one of the lesser known venues and at weird timeslots (seriously, do people even go to concerts that start at 2 or 3am in the morning?).  The only bad thing about the Caesar’s Palace venue though is the time constraint, which they are really strict about and won’t let you go over (when I went to one of Jacky’s 2007 shows, during the encore segment, he kept asking the people in the control tower whether there was time for one more song, since the show started late due to audiences arriving late, which cut into the time…the 2012 show was much better in that people didn’t arrive late so we were able to start on-time and Jacky was able to do a longer encore segment).  HK Coliseum has time constraints too, but at least with HKC, if you go over the allotted time, as long as the organizers (or the singer themselves) are willing to pay the astronomical penalty fee that they charge for exceeding the time, then it’s fine – they can sing for as long as they want to.

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    • Ben replied:

      Jacky Cheung’s concert didn’t sell well…?????

      How could you even say such an “impossible” event??? Most of Jacky’s fans are in their 30’s & 40’s and theses people have high puchasing power. Jacky is the “King” of the so called 4 heavenly king.

      Such indignant comment to be made on him….Do your homework before you make any comments in the future…

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      • andy replied:

        That right, Ben. As a demographic, the Gen X (mid 30s – late40s) folks do have the most financial clout at the moment. They would most certainly pay for Jacky’s show.

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    • diedre replied:

      i laugh at the stupidity of your statement..

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  6. weninnz says:

    I Love Jacky Cheung, totally support you. Jacky is a legend I’m sure his concert always sell really well.

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  7. purplecat says:

    His concert in S’pore was in 2011 and the most expensive ticket was S$228 (HKD1,305). His concerts were always sold out and additional shows were added. I guess he has finally seen the true colour of this lady who “milked” from all the performers who used her. If she is so good, why did Joyce Cheng (Lydia Sum’s daughter) leave her management company? Why did Leslie Cheung called her and waited till she reached the front of the hotel before he jumped and landed near her? 人在做,天在看。

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    • beckytanggy replied:

      all concerts in s’pore are at that price range.

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  8. JD says:

    I think he was being pressure to do the 30th anniversary concert. It might have been stressful to have everything perfect. If it wasn’t ready then it’s good he cancel it. Or he would have been really critized for putting on a poor show. He should do one when he is ready and not for those that want to profit off it

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  9. souluckee says:

    Jacky Cheung and Leslie Cheung almost started at the same time maybe the latter was earlier.. BUT some how i never gravitate with the former.

    His songs just doesn’t resonate with me as much as Leslie Cheung.

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    • jj replied:

      Funny, I’m the opposite. I find Jacky’s songs are more touching than Leslie. Everyone’s entitled for their own taste 🙂 Cheers!

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  10. nomad 822 says:

    IF the normally reticent, low key and lack back Jacky Cheung can come outright and vocalise this – I believe him. He’s never attention getting, and quite tactful with words.

    IF he wants to do a 33rd, 35th, 36th concert instead = so be it, he’s perfectly entitled. His choice, as he will be main person delivering and accountable for the outcome/quality. his concert. NOT a puppet.

    Anyone who called themselves a “friend” (and a supposedly good one at that) should not be sensationalizing and capitalizing on a DECEASED friend’s death, making profits off it. In the name of fan-service too.

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  11. nosybluebird says:

    just as long as Jacky Cheung still holds a concert, i’ll be there! as long as i know 1st hand when the dates are in the US! because his concert in the US sells out quick! i missed out 2003, but i was able to go 2007 in vegas. i couldn’t attend 2011 or the most recent one, but i will definitely go to the next one once he is ready to go! JACKY CHEUNG!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry, i’m a huge Jacky fan! 0=)

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