Jacky Cheung Surprises as Guest Performer at Joey Yung’s Concert

Joey Yung (容祖兒) is delighting fans with her dynamic opening of the “Pretty Crazy Joey Yung Concert” at the Hong Kong Coliseum. “God of Songs” Jacky Cheung (張學友) surprised fans when he appeared on stage as a guest and performed his song “So Close Yet So Far <這麽近那麽遠> with Joey. The crowd roared in cheers as they sung alongside the dream collaboration.

After the song ended, Joey said that she is a big fan of Jacky and had frequently listened to his songs during her high school days. Jacky laughed in response and said, “People would normally say they’ve listened to my songs since elementary school, or that their parents heard them in their childhood. Anyway, I’ve have to really thank Joey. I wrote this song and with her singing it, I’ve gained more royalties. Joey, if you sing more of my songs, I’ll come as a guest performer again for your next concert!”

Joey pointed out that having Jacky as her guest performer is her biggest remuneration in her entire 20-year-old career in the industry. Hearing this, Jacky jokingly called out to Albert Yeung (楊受成) the chairman of the Emperor Group, to “pay up” and give him some payment as well.

Jokes aside, Jacky revealed that he admired Joey’s passion for music and determination in constantly challenging herself. When Joey approached him at the gym to be a guest performer at her concert, he immediately agreed.

Jacky said, “You are now everyone’s idol. Your fans really know how to pick! I’m also a very selective person and is stingy with compliments, but I think Joey is an well-rounded singer in the industry nowadays. She is passionate with singing, humble, hard-working, and self-reflective. She is really worthy to be a model for younger singers to learn from!” The entire crowd applauded in response.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. LOL…I recommend watching the entire chat segment in its original form because a whole lot more was said and as usual, none of the summaries in the media are able to do it justice.

    And technically, it wasn’t really a “surprise” because everyone already knew Jacky would be the musical guest, since it was reported in the media beforehand …plus majority of fans already saw him earlier in the day during rehearsals, lol (technically, most of us fans knew he would probably make a guest appearance at Joey’s next concert even a few years back when she decided to do a cover of his hit So Far Yet So Close and he made a special appearance in her music video for the song…).

  2. Goosebumps! His voice is so clear and powerful still. Love. Love. Love.

    @llwy12 I swear next time you stake out for his concert tickets, I need you to buy me a couple. I don’t care where or when. I’ll make it there. I’ll even commission you! 🙂 You know I how impossible it was for me to get his tix dor the last tour. I had every odds against me 🙁

    1. @jjwong Yes — and the amazing part is that Jacky still came through loud and clear even though there were problems with his microphone, which actually didn’t start working until near the end of the song (Joey’s opening show was actually plagued with problems, from the audio equipment not working properly to parts of the stage malfunctioning)….honestly, how many artists nowadays are still able to pull off that level of performance when the main piece of equipment you rely on malfunctions? None other than the God of Songs of course!

      LOL…no problem with the tickets! Though of course, the only thing is IF Jacky is going to hold another concert tour….he said after this past tour that his next project will likely be a musical, which I’m totally fine with as long as he tours outside of HK like he did with Snow Wolf Lake, lol….but he also said it’s in the “10 strokes not even 1 stroke” phase so we’ll see… 🙂

  3. Jacky still has the most powerful voice, I watched his last concert and it was amazing, hope he will have concert in the future. Joey is very luck to have him as guest performer.

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