Chinese Idol Drama “When We Were Young” Airs Finale

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Chinese Idol Drama “When We Were Young” Airs Finale

Chinese idol drama When We Were Young <不彪悍枉少年> is the latest trend for the new generation—set in  1996, the drama follows five high school students as they make through their final year in high school. It stars Neo Hou (侯明昊) as Hua Biao, Wan Peng (万鹏) as Yang Xi, Zhang Yao (张耀) as Li Yu, and Dai Luwa (代露娃) as Huang Chengcheng in the lead, with their respective romances breaking trending boards on the Internet.

Li Yu and Yang Xi are born in the same year, month, and day. Huang Chengcheng has a crush on him, but Li Yu doesn’t return the favor until much later. In the moment where Li Yu finally notices Chengcheng’s affections, the drama reached to trending topics on Weibo, with the hashtag “Li Yu finally sees Huang Chengcheng!” topping the trending list. In the final episode, Li Yu gifts Chengcheng a pair of red dance shoes to encourage her to pursue her dream, but the pair eventually go on to their separate ways—Li Yu travels to Japan to search for his mother, while Chengcheng goes to Hong Kong.

In a complicated turn, Li Yu finally confesses to Yang Xi that he had been in love with her, saying, “I want to tell you something. I like you. The kind between a boy and a girl.” In a final goodbye, he tells her, “Promise me. Apply for a college that you like. If you don’t get into it, don’t worry. I will be waiting for you in Japan.”

Yang Xi and her true love, Hua Biao, also do not get together in the end. He tells Yang Xi that he will not be attending college, but traveling the world with his grandmother. He says, “Yang Xi, promise me that you will fulfill your dream. Walk forward, and don’t look bad.” In the heart breaking scene, both Hua Biao and Yang Xi turn away in tears.

The series ended in a bittersweet note, and although the original draft was a happy ending, many viewers and netizens found this ending to be the most appropriate. “Perhaps this is what youth is!” wrote one netizen.

What did you think about the ending?


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