Chrissie Chau on Her Way to Build a Lingerie Empire

Hong Kong’s sexy CEO Chrissie Chau (周秀娜) is on her way to build a bigger empire for her lingerie line, LAANAA. The brand, which was launched in December 2014 and currently operates as an online store, has attracted investors from Mainland China and the United States. Aside from collaborating with Mainland Chinese investors on an e-shopping platform, an American investor also invested approximately $50 million HKD on the brand, hoping to push LAANAA as the premier lingerie line for modern women in Asia.

Earlier this week, Chrissie held a lingerie show to promote her new designs. Many of her celebrity friends filmed short clips to congratulate Chrissie on her business success, including Joey Yung (容祖兒), Eric Tsang (曾志偉), and Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健). Though Chrissie models her own line, she was dressed more conservatively at the show, opting to have three foreign models show off her new designs instead.

Asked why she did not walk her own show, Chrissie said, “Let me enjoy being a boss! I do model my own line, but I think our three models do it better than me.”

Chrissie announced that LAANAA and Mainland China’s e-commerce company Alibaba Group are officially working on a new project that is worth $10 million HKD. “Of course, there are other investors. I am very confident with this business.”

In regards to LAANAA’s future, Chrissie said she hopes to be able to open a store in Hong Kong by the end of the year, and aims to have LAANAA listed on Hong Kong’s Growth Enterprise Market in three years.

Chrissie also disclosed that she will travel to Japan for the Lunar New Year holidays, “Last year I went skiing in Japan, this year I will do the same.” Asked if there was new love in her life, she said with a laugh, “I really like Takeshi Kaneshiro (金城武). Hopefully I can meet a ski instructor who is as good-looking as him!”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. wow, she looks so hot in this pic. she has a nice body but face, not so nice.

    1. I agree. Hot body (hopefully all natural and not surgically enhanced) but in terms of looks may not appeal to all. She isn’t ugly or unattractive but beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

    2. This really proves that quote cause she is attractive in my eyes. She has an amazing body with a pretty face. I’m curious who do you guys think is attractive?

  2. m0m0 is right. She is not pretty at all. Someone like Janice Man is much prettier. But then again, Chrissie is not known for her looks, it’s her breasts that are her selling point. Even so, someone like Vonnie Lui is more of a sex Goddess than her.

    I don’t understand the attraction to Chrissie Chau at all.

    1. I used to find her super attractive and I’m a woman. Buttt in recent years she seems to have lost that appeal for me. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s over exposure. Nowadays I find her just okay. Janice Man, however, is truly gorgeous post-plastic. But maybe it’s cause she’s never been on the radar much so her mysteriousness makes her seem even prettier. I actually like Vienna Lin. Ppl find her low quality but this girl has true balls and a great sex appeal. She’s also extremely articulate and know how to handle herself. Poised and collected. She should’ve been given more positive exposure, imo.

  3. With a killer body any face would be attractive too coz you are not looking at the face.

    1. She’s a smart woman and not a bad actress, very well-spoken too. I like her.

  4. Chrissie is one smart woman…

    From a model in a MTV video to a lingerie business in a few short years.. is pretty good.

    she is not a dumb bimbo…

  5. Chrissie Chau is forever having a cheap MK lengmo and cat-3 actress image. I will never see her as a true actress, no offense. She also can’t act.

    1. In the movie she did with ekin cheng she agreed better than him though. She’s acts in movies therefore she’s a true actress because, maybe you should get yourself a dictionary? No offense.

  6. In the entertainment industry you have to basically only rely on either two things (or both) : appearance (sex appeal, beauty) or talent. But to truly succeed you must also have the brains to know how to play the game. I believe this woman is quite talented and good-looking, but her real triumph is how smart she is and knowing how to play the game. To the haters: at least she’s relying on herself and earning the money herself, whether she uses her sex appeal or not. Abercromie male models and Victoria Secret models ONLY relies on their looks but no one looks down on them?

  7. the people on here saying she does not have an attractive face..Have you looked at yourself in the mirror and asked yourself if you look any better? To the guys commenting does your girlfriend have a prettier face!? bunch of sad demeaning keyboard warriors

  8. Haha…laughing at the comments. LOL..
    Well, I am a woman but I do find her attractive, not only her chest area. She has a cute and pretty face too. Certainly does not sound like a dump model actress. When you get into business in just a few short years that’s kind of impressive.

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