“Cold War” Will Be the Best Hong Kong Cop Film in 10 Years

Starring Aaron Kwok (郭富城), Tony Leung (梁家輝), Aarif Lee (李治廷), and Eddie Peng (彭于晏), Hong Kong crime thriller film, Cold War <寒戰>, will premiere on October 18, 2012 in both mainland China and Hong Kong. Yesterday, the cast of Cold War attended a press conference in Beijing. The two main leads, Aaron and Tony, wore black and white, teasing the audience about their characters’ “black and white” nature in the film. Aaron believed that Cold War is one of Hong Kong’s best cop films in the last ten years, and confidently said that the box office will break $300 million RMB in the domestic box office!

Aaron and Tony Show Off “Bromantic” Relationship

In Cold War, Aaron and Tony will play opposing Deputy Commissioner of Police officers who are tied to solving a tricky hijacking case, which is given the code name, “Cold War.” The hijackers are very familiar with the police operations, and it is suggested that the hijackers has an undercover in the police force.

At the Beijing press conference, Tony wore a white sweater with dark shades, while Aaron wore a black blazer, seeming to hint at their character’s backgrounds in the film. The two award-winning actors appeared very intimate with each other throughout the entire conference. When the film’s official international poster was about to be unveiled, Aaron and Tony grasped each other firmly in the hand, and hugged each other tightly when the commencement ceremony was over.

When asked about their choice of wear for today, Tony immediately laughed and said Aaron is “wearing his film to the stage,” hinting at Aaron’s  character may be the mole in the film. As for himself, Tony said, “I am wearing shades because I don’t wish to see him clearly.” Aaron retorted, “Likewise, likewise!”

When discussing about their thoughts on working with each other, Aaron immediately said, “I am in love with Tony!” He admitted that Tony has always been his idol since youth, and he is the “film king of film kings.”

Tony replied, “Once I started to work with Aaron, I had this interesting feeling in my stomach.” He then quickly added, “Aaron’s older brother was my classmate! I feel like I have a big-brother obligation towards him.”

Tony further remarked, “Aaron has entered my stage step-by-step from music, yet I still haven’t walked to his stage yet.” Aaron immediately said, “You can try! I think your voice is very magnetic!” Tony then suggested forming a band with Aaron, in which Aaron happily agreed.

Aaron:  “Cold War’s Box Office Will Reach $300 Million”

Many Hong Kong film critics lauded the film, saying that Cold War will be Hong Kong’s best cop film since Infernal Affairs <無間道> in 2002. Hearing that China’s best-selling Hong Kong film,Overheard 2 <竊聽風雲2>, had earned $200 million RMB in the mainland China box office last year, Aaron immediately said, “Cold War’s box office will reach $300 million RMB!”

Source: 21CN.com

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