Could “The Defected” Help Benjamin Yuen Become the Next TV King?

After winning “Most Popular Male Character” in 2016 for his role in A Fist Within Four Walls <城寨英雄>, Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) has been receiving more lead roles including Threesome <三個女人一個「因」>, Stealing Seconds <棟仁的時光> and Life on the Line <跳躍生命線>. With the release of The Defected <鐵探> and Benjamin’s significant role, it may be possible that TVB will push him to become this year’s TV King.

Benjamin began his career in the entertainment industry when he won Yes! Magazine’s School Grass Contest in 1997. Afterwards, he took on a few modelling gigs before entering Mr. Hong Kong 10 years later. Now at the age of 37, he has finally become TVB’s A-list celebrity. Last year, Benjamin even won the Favorite Actor Award for Malaysia/ Singapore Regions

In The Defected, Benjamin portrays a police officer who suffers from a gunshot wound. He even shed 20 pounds for the role to look emaciated on screen. Will Benjamin’s efforts be recognized by the time the TVB Anniversary Awards take place at the end of the year?

From 1997 to 2018 when the TVB Anniversary Awards were held, there were only a total of 14 actors who won the Best Actor award. Among the winners, only three dramas that were released before April received the honors. Dramas aired closer to year-end tend to be more remembered by viewers during the Anniversary Awards time. If that is the case, will the airing of The Defected in April affect Benjamin’s chances at TV King?

Source: HK01

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  1. No he will not. The series is already released to ep 25 online and his character doesn’t even do much.

    1. @bubbles23
      Philip Keung could win. His emotions are much better than Bens and the character of much more likeable. Benz also does the nasty man with easy. Brilliant!

  2. His acting is as good as the cabbage in the supermarket. TVB has really bad eyes for talent, keep on giving him heavy role but going no where.

  3. robert Downey Jr looked like he shed a lot of weight to pay emancipated Tony Stark in End Game. Will he win an oscar?

    1. @funnlim lol exact. I didn’t even know Ben purposely lost weight to play a sick patient after he got headshot. Only learned about after reading his interview and seeing the photos he posted himself.

    2. @funnlim I assumed it was CGI to make him look thin.
      Does anyone know if he really lost weight for that part of the film?
      I know Deng Chao lost a lot of weight to play one of two roles in the movie Shadow, but that is definitely a lesser known movie than Endgame

  4. @ak47 lmao !!! I will never look at a cabbage the same again xD

    @funnlim touche! Though RDJ is far more charismatic, folio, and acting chop than Benjamin here by lightyears. If they wanna talk about losing weight for a role AND can still deliver a performance, watch The Machinist with C. Bale. Or the one about real life boxer and where he’s a druggie brother. Chilling.

    @jimmyszeto I miss Benz in those kind of role – sly, nasty, greedy backstabber. He was so fun as them.

    1. @jjwong
      Benz usually provides the comic relief by being the warm friend on the side as support. This time he provides the comic relief by being sly and nasty which is brilliant. It reminds me how we rip into celebrities on this site. We need to learn from Benz and become more spiteful on here 🙂

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