Daniel Wu Wants Another Baby

On December 19, Daniel Wu (吳彥祖), Chang Chen (張震), and Liu Ye (刘烨) attended the Hong Kong premiere of their new historical film, The Last Supper <王的盛宴>. Originally scheduled for a July 5, 2012 release in mainland China, the film’s release date was postponed to November 29, 2012 due to post-production problems. The film is currently slated for a January 3, 2013 release in Hong Kong.

The Last Supper is a fictional retelling of the events that occurred during the Chu-Han Contention, between the years 206 and 202 BC. The film features renditions of the Feast at Hong Gate, Battle of Gaixia, and the downfall of Han Xin. Liu Ye stars as the film’s principal character, Liu Bang. Daniel Wu stars as Xiang Yu, and Chang Chen stars as Han Xin.

Daniel Wu, whose wife Lisa S. is currently five months pregnant with their first baby daughter, was the main star at the Hong Kong premiere event. Daniel did not bring his wife with him to the premiere, explaining that Lisa has not been feeling well, but the 38-year-old reassured that Lisa is fine.

“I’ve seen some interesting things,” Daniel said as he chatted about his wife’s pregnancy. “I’ve seen some things that I’ve never seen before, such as her body figure. It changed a lot. She used to be really skinny, but now her boobs and butt are really big!”

Daniel joked, “I can only look at them. I’m not allowed to touch them!”

Asked if Lisa was happy with her weight gain, Daniel said, “She wasn’t too happy, but I am. I like to see more meat.”

Daniel also revealed that he would like to have another baby as soon as possible. “Not necessarily a boy, but I would like to have another baby. I don’t want my daughter to be lonely, and it is better for her to have another brother or sister to grow up with. But if we have two daughters, I think I would die!”

Source: On.cc

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  1. Wonder what he means by he will die?

    Die from his daughters’ ‘deh gung’ (wheedling)? Strange thing to say.

    1. Haha, maybe also because the girls will most likely be ‘daddy’s little girls’ and Daniel will be super protective of them. Hence, two = double the worry. No doubt their baby’s gonna come out gorgeous haha.

    2. girls normally spent more money that guys. and they are normally more annoying when they hit teens yeaars

      1. Yes, you are both right…….boys or girls can be just annoying….just a matter of luck for the parents……..

      1. yeah. Since he is born and raise in America, he shouldn’t have those silly traditional values of having a boy.

      2. yea he’s probably just trying to be funny. i don’t think he really minds having 2 girls.

  2. eheheh He’s so cute. 2 girls are not bad either.. can always go for #3 if they really want a boy. They can afford it. =)

  3. he sounds incredibly disrespectful and immature and not too bright to discuss his wife like that – she may get sick of him eventually but definitely, she must be thinking she’s made a huge mistake breeding with this not a boy, not a man whose career isn’t going anywhere and proposed marriage AFTER her father was promoted to head a Vegas casino

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