Darren Wang to Star in Father’s New Billion-Dollar Movie

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Darren Wang to Star in Father’s New Billion-Dollar Movie

24-year-old Taiwanese actor Darren Wang (王大陸) experienced overnight fame after starring in the critically acclaimed film Our Times <我的少女時代> this summer. Thankful to the film’s director Chen Yu-shan (陳玉珊), rumors say that Darren plans to terminate his contract with manager Angie Chai (柴智屏) in order to join Chen’s agency. Darren still has three years left on his contract with Angie, who is best known for creating the legendary boy band F4.

When these rumors were reported, Darren was criticized for “betraying” Angie, and forgetting his roots. Darren and his father, the wealthy antique dealer Wang Tai-ching (王台慶), denied joining Chen’s agency. However, Wang did say that he has signed his son under his own production studio, which he established with a close friend. He revealed that Darren will be starring in the studio’s upcoming 1.9 billion TWD film Jiangshan <江山>. Wang plans to hire Ang Lee (李安) to direct and Brigitte Lin (林青霞), Rene Liu (劉若英), or Joan Chen (陳沖) to star as the main actress. Darren will star as a guerrilla warrior.

Wang stressed that he is extremely thankful to Angie, who had a hand in promoting his son to a big star. Last year, Angie produced the film Volleyball Sweetheart <排球甜心> for Darren, but due to undisclosed issues, the film had to halt production, losing 40 million TWD. Wang said, “[Angie] is very willing to promote new stars, and we are extremely grateful. All companies have its regulations, and we cannot have her suffer these losses. If she has a new production in plan, we will definitely help her.”

Yet, Darren seems confused about his father’s future plans for him. In a recent appearance, Darren was asked to reveal more details about Jiangshan, but the 24-year-old said, “I am not too clear at what’s going on. My father is the one who has been doing the talks for me. I do hope to work with Ang Lee, but I really don’t know what my father’s trying to do.”

Some netizens are criticizing Darren for relying too much on his father. He said, “My achievements today did not come from my father at all. However, I do think that all parents out there love their children, so… if they say it’s right, then it’s right. There needs to be filial piety.”

Source: QQ.com, Sina.com.cn

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