Darren Wang’s Rumored Girlfriend, Kang Han Na, Acted in Category 3 Film

In the entertainment industry for 12 years, 32-year-old Korean actress Kang Han Na has largely been forgettable despite starring in 10 dramas, and only became a household name in Asia after she was romantically linked to Our Times <我的少女時代> actor Darren Wang (王大陸).

Eluded by Megastardom

Often relegated to second lead roles, Kang Ha Na has been seen in notable productions including the Korean version of Scarlet Heart , the entrepreneur-themed drama Start-Up which also stars actress Bae Suzy, as well as the recently airing My Roommate is a Gumiho.

The actress met Darren Wang on the set of Chinese web drama Ghost Blows Out the Light: Finding Hu Bayi <鬼吹燈之牧野詭>, and shared photos of them on her social profile. She reportedly flew to Taiwan from South Korea to celebrate Darren’s birthday in the capacity of his “girlfriend,” and was also spotted visiting Japan’s Disneyland and Italy’s The Vatican with him in 2018, although both only publicly admitted to being friends.

Not Afraid to Flaunt Sexy Image

Despite her consistent performances, Kang Han Na seemed to lack a little career luck and has continuously remained under the radar over the years. In 2013, she impressed on the red carpet of Busan International Film Festival when she appeared in a black semi-translucent dress showing off sexy curves.

In 2015, she nabbed a geisha role in the Category III film Age of Innocence thanks to her strong foundation in ballet, which she started practicing since the age of five. Kang Han Na also earned praise from the director for her professional, unbridled performance in daring bed scenes with lead actor Shin Ha Kyun, who was 14 years her senior.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Ladies and gentleman, after doing my research on said film, Empire of Lust (aka The Age of Innocence of its Korean title), I can confirm that Hanna was indeed very raunchy in the film.

  2. Not at all shocking, kinda quite normal actually for relatively unknown actresses. If my Korean friends didn’t tell me about the Running Man girl forget her name lol…that she did that Frozen Flower movie, everyone would think she had a clean innocent image but in fact alot of actress did some daring roles to get a bit popular or was she already popular before doing that movie. And also that girl that did that movie w/Endless Love male lead Obession or something. I am not sure they call it C3 but it sure wasn’t PG13 since they did touch each other intimately. She was in that movie first and then she went into TV I heard after gaining a bit popularity from it. So all in all, it’s probably just a job to them.

  3. Is this article meant to hurt her?
    If it was simply reporting a fact, the article would have been about her and her filmography and not about being this really famous celebrity’s girlfriend…
    Be kind people. She did not hurt y’all…

  4. So what? All stars sleep with each other anyway. At least she dared to seize up the opportunity and work hard for her career.

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