“Start-Up” Cast Reflect on Working Together

Shortly before the South Korean youth drama Start-Up aired its final episode yesterday, the main cast, comprised of Nam Joo Hyuk, Bae Suzy, Kim Seon Ho, and Kang Han Na, reflected on the production process. They all shared their feelings on their first collaboration and agreed that the past eight months left a deep and memorable impression on them.

Suzy expressed that she is riding on the emotions of happiness and regret as a member of the team. She explained, “Being able to play the role of Seo Dal Mi had given me a lot of comfort, so I am very happy. But ending the shoot like this made me feel very sorry because I worked with so many excellent staff to produce such a great drama. It is a huge honor to be a part of everything, so I hope everyone will continue to love Start-Up until the end.”

Joo Hyuk also shared similar sentiments for his character and the overall teamwork. He said, “All the actors and production staff have worked hard during the past eight months. This period felt very long but ending it this way also made it feel very short. Playing the character Nam Do San has enabled me to learn a lot because I also grew along with him. Very thankful for everyone’s love for Start-Up during all this time.”

Rising in popularity with his performance, Seon Ho also humbly thanked his colleagues and staff for their support. “Whether these eight months are thought of as long or short, it doesn’t change the fact that it made me feel very passionate, happy, and blessed. Moreover, the time spent to brainstorm and discuss with so many people is of great significance to me. Thank you to the director, screenwriter, actors, staff, and especially the audience who loves our work. We are only able to produce such an amazing project because we are all together. I hope everyone will remember Start-Up. Thank you again,” he expressed.

Han Na also cherished their production time, as she shared, “From the first shooting to the end of these eight months, my character In Jae and I have challenged youth together. I hope that the audience can learn and receive positive energy from seeing how the characters overcome their challenges and grow as individuals. I also wish everyone will happily enjoy watching the last episode. I sincerely thank you all.”

Source: Korea Star Daily

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Another decent K drama worth watching. Good script with some learning points for any start up

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