Nam Joo Hyuk Upholds Justice in “Vigilante”

Although currently servicing his military obligation, Korean actor Nam Joo Hyuk can be seen in upcoming web series, Vigilante.

In the series, Nam Joo Hyuk stars as Kim Gyu Sam, a model student from the police academy who upholds the law by day, but becomes a Robin Hood-type vigilante at night, bringing justice to criminals who managed to escape the law. Portraying a character with contrasting personalities, Nam Joo Hyuk is expected to meet high expectations for the challenging role.

The series will also star Yoo Ji Tae as an investigation team lead, Lee Joon Hyuk as the vigilante’s assistant, and Kim So Jin as a broadcast reporter. The action thriller will have many scenes involving intense confrontations.

The first three episodes of Vigilante will premiere at the 28th Busan International Film Festival in October, before the series officially airs on Disney+ towards the end of the year.

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