Rudest Korean Actors According to Journalists

Inspired by the Razzies, the Korean version of the Raspberry Awards revealed popular actors Nam Joo-hyuk, Kim Tae-ri and Ma Dong-seok (Don Lee) as the most impolite artistes of the year, based on film journalists’ votes!

Surprising Inclusions
Now into its sixth year, media reporters selected what they thought was the worst movie, worst and rudest cast actors based on this year’s films. Actor Nam Joo-hyuk, whose school violence and bullying allegations and underage drinking scandal affected publicity for his film Remember <厄憶追凶>, was second runner-up, while news that actress Kim Tae-ri, star of hit drama Mr Sunshine reportedly secured runner-up position came as a shock to fans.

Participating journalists pointed out that “Self-confidence and arrogance are two different qualities, Kim Tae-ri often acted as if she were superior to others, and would often ignore journalists during interviews, or even start doodling – evoking comparisons with her immature onscreen personality Na Hee-Do in Twenty-Five, Twenty-One while she was promoting her new film Alienoid.

Star of “Men of Plastic” Not a Mr Nice Guy in Real Life
Taking top spot of the undesirable rankings was actor Ma Dong-seok (Don Lee), who had absented himself from promotional interviews and appearances for both the movies he led this year – The Roundup and comedy film Men of Plastic, leaving only other cast members to be interviewed. Even when the largest-than-life actor was interviewed, he gave answers irrelevant to the questions asked, and was criticized for his “utter lack of professionalism”. Despite being the film’s producer and lead actor, Ma Dong-seok did not do his best to promote the film – leading press reporters to have reservations about his character, despite the film’s strong box office performance.

Source: Korea Star Daily

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