Nam Joo Hyuk’s Former Teachers Clear Bullying Allegations

Since June, Korean actor Nam Joo Hyuk has been accused of being a bully in school. Although the actor’s agency debunked the rumors, another person came forth, condemning the Twenty-Five Twenty-One actor for bullying him throughout high school. Korean tabloid, Dispatch, finally published a report to dispel the rumors by interviewing the actor’s former classmates and teachers.

The second person who claimed to have been bullied by Nam Joo Hyuk, “A,” recalled, “When I was in high school, Nam Joo Hyuk would physically attack and verbally abuse me. He would shun me.” In addition, “A” explained that Nam Joo Hyuk frequently took his cellphone to download apps and games that cost money. When asked to pay back the money, Nam Joo Hyuk would then challenge “A” to a spar.

As a victim of bullying, “A” said he developed major anxiety, “It’s been awhile, and I’ve managed to put my painful memories aside all these years, but when I saw Nam Joo Hyuk in the movie I was watching, my scars were cut open again. I felt so much pain.”

Management Company Denies Bullying Accusations

In response to the accusations, Nam Joo Hyuk’s company rebutted, “We’ve confirmed that the words from the accuser are false. Both the company and the actor are heavily affected by this – please take into consideration the feelings of the actor and his family.”

“Dispatch” Interviews Former Classmates and Teachers

Korean outlet, Dispatch, investigated Nam Joo Hyuk’s character by interviewing 18 of his former classmates and 2 high school teachers. His former classmates slammed the bullying claims, and said Nam Joo Hyuk would often step up to dispel an argument. Instead of asking students to buy him snacks, Nam Joo Hyuk would often help others buy snacks as he often spent time in the cafeteria.

In the report, Nam Joo Hyuk’s former teachers released their real names as a means to authenticate their identities. They described the actor possessing a good character and sense of justice, who was very likable among other students. However, his grades were mediocre and his biggest fault was being late to classes. His teachers were outraged by the bullying allegations, and hope their statements can put the rumors to rest.

Sources: ET Today, HK01

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  1. It must be extremely heartening to have so many supporting students and teachers who will speak the truth on his behalf. I hope he will recover from this scandal soon and move on a stronger person.

    1. @Hohliu there are still SK netizens who chose not to believe or remained skeptical of the former classmates and teachers while victim “A” was still uncontactable by Dispatch and unidentified.

      1. So they rather believe the one unknown.. I would not say teachers really knows their students. But his many fellow classmates will know him better… anyway, I will give him the benefit of doubt. He did move around in Middle/High school.

      2. @Hohliu there’s a 3rd accuser and unlikely the earlier ones, his agency did not deny to this but said it was taken out of context and it was resolved in school then.

      3. It has proven to be false all of the accusations and agency is taking them all to the court. I believe this is going to be the turning point in fake scandals and misinterpretations. They are going after the anonymous accusers and enablers such as media companies pumping the scandal. Try publish some scandalous news yourself, unless someone is pumping it, it will not be noticed, things are not happening by accident. There is hidden agenda in all these scandals, it is not some kind of belated justice and in this particular case it is proven several times all is false. Exactly because of the people like you that enjoy putting down hard work of someone else on smallest insinuation they have to do so. His reputation is at line and once he wins all the court cases no one will give him his life back. This is gone too far. For once I would say that he is cyber bullied as we speak. To avoid that and all baseless hearsay Ancient Romans invented ‘the innocent until proven guilty’ principle, invented court and defense , they even invented lawyers, and for the last 2000+ years humanity tried to implement that principle with more or less success. Social media and public town squares like this one introduced new need to bring back or forward the ancient principle of innocent until proven guilty. Future needs it or we shall live at mercy of hearsay and who is louder in pushing their own agenda on line. This is extremely important aspect and should not be taken lightly like some afternoon tea with a friend.

      4. @Dee not certain if your statement “Exactly because of the people like you that enjoy putting down hard work of someone else” is referring to me. If it’s not, please ignore this whole message. Just hope to clear the misinterpretion if it is really so.
        If that statement is directing at me, I am trying hard to understand which part of my past postings here had gotten this reaction.
        I have not shown support, belief or disbelief thus far in this whole NJH event. If I do, I would have indicated so as I did in some other articles. All I did is stating the SK netizens’ reactions and new developments.
        I do appreciate any discussions and differing views if they are kept amicable. However, we should kept our basic respect for each other.
        Lastly, if I have completely misinterpreted your posting, kindly ignore this current posting of mine.

      5. @BearBear you are right my comment was out of line and I apologize to you for it. I read too much into your comment as I came from other forum. Again, my apologies it will not happen again.

        Reason why these things work me out so much is that someone launches the campaign and boost it online with their own agenda, at one moment ppl pick it up. Usually allegations are false or misinterpreted and boom. Agency starts with law suits and after some time wins. But what happens projects are halted, people working on these projects are not paid, because they worked on doomed projects it gets more difficult for them to land good ones and their portfolio book gets slimmer. In the end celebrity can take the hit on a budget but us ordinary people cannot. It happened to me on two big projects and several small ones I worked so hard on these two projects and now they will never air, and consequently my portfolio looks very slim for 2021 and 2022. It literally became gamble when picking up the project in east Asia, like times are not difficult without this new variable cyber cancel culture. Everyone enjoys the tea and no one thinks of collateral damage, people that work hard and have nothing to do with a scandal. Naturally whoever is really guilty should be prosecuted and blocked from entertainment fully, but in the end that ends to be only very few individuals, mist are made up scandals with a hidden agenda.

        So again my apologies, i was wrong but I hope you understand I got worked out from a personal angle which is not excuse just explanation. It will not happen again.

      6. @Dee Happy to clear the air between us and I am very sorry to hear about what you have experienced which explains why you feel more. Your sharing provide an insight to something that have not crossed my mind or rather, I did not sufficiently understand the impact – that there will always be others greatly affected directly or indirectly.
        Don’t give up and it may not be easy but stay positive. That’s for you and I (telling myself too that because I need it badly).
        We can always have discussions next time over other articles in this website. 🙂

      7. @BearBear and @Dee I have to say it is a pleasure reading this exchange between you two. A misunderstanding occurred and was resolved in such a mature and kind way, where I learned a lot from each of you. No dramatics. This is what makes this community so nice to come to. Thank you.

      8. @PotatoChip I agree with you!! No need to blow things out of proportion as it was clearly a misunderstanding. And it can happen to anyone.

  2. I’m a firm believer of innocent until proven guilty, but voices of potential victims should be heard and their allegations investigated. If what they say is true and they want justice, then please come out with receipts. While I don’t think teachers are reliable when it comes to bullying since it’s really hard to know every facet of your classroom, having 18 other students come in and defend you is impressive. Also LOL at the teachers needing to add his grades were mediocre :). So obviously he wasn’t a model student that they’d be bias towards.

  3. Usually the teachers clueless … they don’t know anything. A lot of time it happens outside of school time. The student may act good in front of the teachers. I see this a lot when I’m in high school….

  4. Unfortunately according to Soompi, there is a new 3rd accuser who has text messages as evidence of NJH’s bullying, and his agency has proven that the text messages were real. But they said that the messages were taken out of context. Not sure what that means but I guess we’ll see. I hope it’s not true because I do like NJH.

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