Nam Joo Hyuk Announces Joining the Military in March 2023

Start-Up and Twenty-Five Twenty-One star Nam Joo Hyuk, 28, announced that he will be fulfilling his mandatory military duty on March 20.

The actor’s image took a dive last year when it was alleged he was a bully in high school, when three people claimed they were ex-victims. While two former teachers and 18 classmates slammed the rumors and vouched for the actor’s integrity, the controversy persisted and his image was dented. Perhaps for this reason, Joo Hyuk will be joining the military in March in a more low-key fashion and will not be hosting any farewell parties or activities with fans.

The actor will then enlist in a five-week training regime before completing his comprehensive administrative duties. After all his basic trainings, he will officially be enlisted in the Capital Defense Command Military Police Group in the riot squad for the remainder of his 18-month service.

While there will not be a farewell event for fans to see Joo Hyuk off, his web series Vigilante is pending release and he is expected to make his acting comeback in late 2024.

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