Kim Tae Ri Receives Raving Reviews in “Revenant”

Kim Tae Ri’s newest drama Revenant has captivated the audience as its viewership rating soars to 11%. The ghastly drama keeps the audience at the edge of their seats with its suspenseful and supernatural elements.

After impressing the audience by playing a high school student in Twenty-Five, Twenty-One, Kim Tae Ri is giving a stellar performance in Revenant where her character is studying for the civic service exam and gets processed by evil spirits. Fans praise Kim Tae Ri’s duality where she is seen as a simple and hard-working woman and unexpectedly flips to a resentful spirit wielding a sharp blade. When processed, the character’s smile would give the audience chills.

The drama is helmed by famed screenwriter Kim Eun Hee who is known for her work in Kingdom and Signal. Kim Eun Hee reveals that she chose Kim Tae Ri to be leading star because she was confident that only she can interpret the character seeing “evil spirit shadows.”

Actor Oh Jung Se is also getting attention for his role as a professor who has the ability to see spirits in the world. Oh Jung Se’s character constantly warns that the key to breaking the curse is to “resolve the grievances by listening.” Sharing his thoughts of acting in the drama, Oh Jung Se shared, “Playing with invisible demons requires immersing yourself in very abstract feelings. Gradually I felt as if I could actually see those ghosts.”

Revenant is released on Disney+ and the frightening plot has fans expressing their feelings online, “I don’t dare go to the washroom in the middle of the night. The expression of being processed is eerie and numbing.”

In response, Kim Eun Hee shared with her tips to get over the scary scenes, “When you are afraid, you can close your eyes. If you drink while watching with family or friends, you can overcome your fears easier.”

Source: Up Media

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