Bae Suzy Used to Hide Her Emotions

Joining Miss A at 16 years old, Bae Suzy’s beauty quickly earned the enviable title of “The Nation’s First Love” after her performance in Architecture 101. Unfortunately, Miss A officially disbanded in 2017 amid rumors of discord and unhappiness over favoritism. Although Suzy is no longer with Miss A, she has shifted her career focus to acting with great success.

Due to Suzy’s own experience as a popstar, she easily identified with her character in upcoming drama Doona!, which aired on October 20. In the drama, Suzy portrays a vocal and center of a popular K-pop idol group who suddenly retires and decides to stay in a shared house in a college town where she meets Yang Se Jong.

As her character struggles with her own identity after finding fame, Suzy shared she completely understands how her character feels. When she was 20 years old, Suzy also struggled through a tough period but could not truly express her unhappiness and had to repress her emotions.

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