Bae Suzy Completes Filming and Releases New Stills for “Anna”

After six months of filming, South Korean actress Bae Suzy wraps up Anna and is eager to reveal new character stills.

The upcoming thriller follows the story of Yoo Mi (Suzy), a woman who makes a trivial lie and ends up living as someone else’s life. Joining Suzy in the cast, Jung Eun Chae will be playing Hyun Joo, a woman who believes she is superior to others, while Kim Jun Han will play as Yoo Mi’s husband.

The highly anticipated drama is led by a strong production team that includes director Lee Joo Young who previously helmed 2017’s film A Single RiderFurthermore, the drama has recruited award winning videographer Lee Eui Tae and editing director Kim Jung Hoon known for their work in The Book of Fish.

At the completion of filming, the production team treats fans with new character stills of Yoo Mi that highlights that complexity of the character. In the first still, Yoo Mi appears elegant and well composed, but in the second still, Yoo Mi looks dejected as she sits alone on a bus. The new stills capture the duality of the character and leaves fans curious about Yoo Mi’s back story.

Revealing details of her character, Suzy shares, “Although there were difficult moments in following Yoo Mi’s expansive range of emotions, it is a fortunate opportunity to have as an actress. Every moment took a lot of effort and every moment was a challenge. It was a pleasure to film the drama and so I was sure that this would be a very meaningful project. I’m thankful to all the staff. Please give ‘Anna’ some love and attention.”

Anna is expected to be released this summer.

Source: Korea Daily News

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