Bae Suzy Shares the Challenges of Filming “Anna”

Ahead of the premiere of South Korean drama, Anna, Bae Suzy attended a press conference where she shared her thoughts on playing her character.

Based on a novel, Anna follows Yoo Mi (Suzy), a woman with a humbling beginning who completely changes her life after lying and stealing another person’s identity.  While Yoo Mi now lives a lavish life as “Anna”, her lies eventually catch up to her.

When asked what attracted Suzy to the role, the actress responded, “The script is really interesting. While reading the script, I had complicated emotions. Yoo Mi is pitiful but I also sympathized with her. Although she isn’t particularly good at anything, I wanted to support her and hoped that her lies won’t be exposed.”

Suzy continued, “I am ambitious to play this role, but as an actress, this is an attractive role that is worth the challenge. It is hard to live as Anna and she is constantly living with a feeling of uneasiness. I wouldn’t bear to live with this feeling.”

To prepare for the role, Suzy not only had to push herself as an actress, but she learned sign language to communicate with her on-screen mother. Suzy explained, “It’s very difficult but it’s also interesting. Unfortunately, I forgot all of it, but it was very meaningful to learn.”

Suzy revealed that another highlight of filming the drama was that she got to present herself with different images and changed into nearly 150 different sets of costumes. Suzy shared, “There was a high school uniform, a convenience store clerk’s uniform and then eventually glamorous attire that I got to wear after I became Anna.”

Anna is set to be released on June 24.

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