Bae Suzy and Yang Se Jeong to Play a Campus Couple in “Doona!”

Bae Suzy and Yang Se Jeong are confirmed to star in upcoming Netflix series Doona! As it has been a long time since both starred in a romantic drama, many fans are excited for their partnership.

Doona! is adapted from popular webtoon The Girl Downstairs, written by author Min Song Ah. The story follows student Lee Won Joon (Yang Se Jeong) moving into his new apartment on his first day of college. He unexpectedly encounters ex-Kpop idol Lee Doo Na (Bae Suzy) who lives downstairs from his place, and is immediately mesmerized by her beauty. Shy to approach Doo Na at first, Joon avoids her as he does not want to make a poor impression. However, his feelings grow for Doo Na, who also feels a romantic spark.

Since the webtoon is well known for its dreamlike campus romance, the dramatic adaptation is striving for the same effects. Suzy is perfectly cast as Doo Na due to her aura and disposition.

As for Se Jeong, he has yet to release an official project since completing military service in November 2021. Recognized for his range in Duel (2017), Temperature of Love (2017), Thirty But Seventeen (2018), and My Country: The New Age (2019), Se Jeong is expected to deliver a strong performance in his new role.

Known for working on dramas such as  Life on Mars, Romance Is A Bonus Book, and Crash Landing On You, Lee Jeong Hyo is confirmed to direct Doona!

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