Bae Suzy In Talks to Star in Netflix’s “The Girl Downstairs”

South Korean actress Bae Suzy is reportedly offered to play a sexy character in Netflix’s series The Girl Downstairs.

Adapted from a popular webtoon, the series follows K-pop idol Lee Du Na who suddenly decided to retire from the entertainment industry. Instead, Lee Du Na enrolls herself in a university and ends up living with freshman Lee Won Joon as roommates.

While many fans are excited to see Suzy return to Netflix to play a K-pop idol, some netizens are skeptical that Suzy can ditch her wholesome image to play a sexy role.  Moreover, netizens are concerned that the series is adapted from a webtoon known to cater to male audiences, and thus it may not have an interesting plot. Other netizens are optimistic that Suzy will be successful in changing her image given that Suzy was a former member of sultry K-pop group, MISS A.

Meanwhile, Suzy is busy filling up her schedule and is confirmed to star in upcoming series Anna alongside Jung Eun Chae and Kim Joon Han. In addition, Suzy recently dropped a new single Satellite which was met with positive reviews.

Source: Korea Star Daily

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  1. Suzy is a very beautiful woman but having read the webtoon… I too hope Suzy will do well in the drama… But I will trust Netflix’s ability to bring the best of her..

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