Counterfeit Watch Scene in “Anna” Angers Chinese Viewers

Starring Bae Suzy, Jung Eun-chae, Kim Jun-han and Park Ye-young, Anna centers on a woman who lives a dual life and assumes the identity of the daughter of a chaebol family.

Showed China in a negative light
In the first episode of the Coupang Play drama, Yoo Mi (Anna) receives a luxury watch from Hyun Joo (Jung Eun-chae), who tells her, “This is a Swiss brand and I’ve only worn it once,” Experiencing financial difficulty, Yoo Mi tries to sell the watch later, but the store representative tells her, “The watch was in the counterfeit goods news which made big headlines 4 to 5 years ago, didn’t you know? It was made in China, and sent to Switzerland where a screw was fixed on and it was passed off as Swiss-made; it’s worth 100,000 KRW and was charged at 8 or even 10 million KRW,”

Additionally, in the second episode, Yoo Mi’s senior Ye Young tells her that she has been sent to Shanghai, China, and said, “Isn’t China a very popular destination recently? So they instructed an employee like me with no background (to head there)”.

Taking offense at the negative implications of the scenes, fans took to social media to express their unhappiness over the controversial details which painted China in a negative light and the hashtag “Bae Suzy’s new drama ‘Anna’ controversy” became the top trending topic Weibo searches, leading to heated discussions on the net.

Responding to the uproar, Korean netizens reacted asking if Chinese fans are going to boycott the show and mentioned that Chinese viewers might be watching the show illegally, since it was not officially distributed in China yet.

Source: Korea Star Daily

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  1. Well, China manufacturing lots of counterfeit is not a ‘hash hash’ news is it? If they are so upset by it, then they should just address the problem from the root and move to eliminate such practise…but they cannot because they make lots of money and learning skills by copying others IP… Since they dare to do so, just be ready to be ridicule by the world..

    1. So true… China is known for that hahaha they make so much money from doing it. theyre everywhere!!! Even the Asian stores sell fake stuff..

    2. Those viewers are totally brainwashed is all I can say The scene is only echoing what is a nitm in China, nuff said.

  2. China hates it when the world speaks the truth haha. It’s like a slap across their faces. They are too brainwashed, believing their country is the model country that can do no wrong. Only the rest of the world sees its problems. Not saying that China is the only country that sells counterfeit. I’ve seen tons in other countries but Chinese netizens get so butthurt when they are portrayed in a least bit negative light. It’s so funny.

  3. good one from the Koreans! Watching a show from illegal website and then whining about being ‘showcased” negatively? LOL

    Ask any of the Chinese why they buy branded stuff away from home and they will have only one answer for us.

    Remember going HK and shocked to see all the Chinese buying toiletries by large suitcase, only to be told cos thats a sure way to ensure authenticity. This for toiletries?

  4. China has been known for manufacturing counterfeits for years. I still remember back then when I was just graduated to from high school. I bought a touch screen phone on ebay from China-based seller for around $60 and . When I received it, my friend told me that it looked exactly like the iphone 4. I started using it anyway. It was working great for the first few week and started having problems afterward. Ever since then, I never buy things that ship directly from China on ebay anymore. If I see something that I’m looking for and the seller is based in China, I’ll just go for something else.

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