Park Bo Gum and Bae Suzy Respond to Dating Rumors

Collaborating in their new movie Wonderland, long-time friends Park Bo Gum and Bae Suzy make a striking onscreen couple. Many fans have praised them for their compatibility. Many hope they can become a real-life couple, speculated they developed mutual feelings while filming.

Even fellow cast member Tang Wei (湯唯) said in an interview that she hoped Suzy and Park Bo Gum would date in real life. Suzy shared she had seen the news and is thankful because it means she and Park Bo Gum have chemistry and seem compatible together.

Park Bo Gum praised Suzy for being a charismatic actress who is straightforward and caring. He denied their dating rumors directly, “Suzy and I are very good friends. If there is an opportunity, I hope we can work together again. If there are too many of these rumors, I worry our relationship will become awkward.”

The pair worked together many times, hosting the Baeksang Awards for the sixth year in a row. Their new film Wonderland, which explores how artificial intelligence can reunite the departed with living family members, was released in South Korea on June 5, 2024.

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