Park Bo Gum Warms Hearts

A nagging social problem in South Korea, several celebrities and idols have been blacklisted in recent years for school bullying and abuse allegations. With popular Netflix series The Glory casting spotlight on the issue, a heartwarming netizen recount of actor Park Bo Gum’s remarkable kindness back in his schooling years captures even more hearts!

Fan Anecdote Resurfaced
In the post from 2017 which went viral, the said netizen who self-identified as a middle school classmate of the star, described how he was “openly ostracized” in the class, with no one willing to speak to him. Park’s simple yet noteworthy act of going against the grain left an indelible memory on him, as he shared that “PBG (Park Bo Gum) was the only one who became a friend after he was paired with me.”

Volunteers in Real Life
Adding that he still remembers what happened, he described running into the actor later in high school, and being recognized and greeted. Grateful for the actor’s kind gestures, the netizen expressed his immense happiness when Park Bo Gum later succeeded as an actor, and said he would “always be a fan” regardless of any dissenting criticisms of the actor, as Park was “the only one…who didn’t let me (him) go” at that time.

Generating positive attention, the beautiful story got netizens heaping praises on the actor as a “great kid”, calling him too impossible as he is so good-looking and so kind. The big-hearted Park Bo Gum was recently tagged by his jogging pal Sean, as part of a volunteer group who had helped in delivering coal to occupants living in far-flung regions of his home country.

Source: KoreaStarDaily

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      1. Yes…he has that natural charisma in him… Thus he is well liked by so many people he encounters, worked with etc…

  1. Kudos for his courage to befriend someone who was openly ostracized when he might be getting bullied for not being “one of the gang”.

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