Disney+ South Korean Drama “Bloody Heart” Premieres to Positive Reviews

South Korean historical drama Bloody Heart starring Lee Joon and Kang Han Na has premiered with a strong viewership rating of 6.3 percent. Off to a good start, the drama is being praised for its breathtaking scenes that set an emotional tone.

The historical drama follows the tragic romance between Lee Tae (Lee Joon), a king who abandons the woman he loves to survive, and Yoo Jun (KangHan Na), a woman who becomes the queen in order to survive. Although Lee Tae tries to rule as the country’s monarchy, he is opposed by First Vice-Premier Park Gye Won (Jang Hyuk) who holds greater power.

Bloody Heart opens with a look of the political power struggle as Crown Prince Lee Tae and King Seongjong watch helplessly while Park Gye Won and the nobles object to Lee Tae’s ascension to the throne. Lee Tae eventually succeeds in ascending to the throne but he is under the control of Park Gye Won and is forced to marry for political reasons.

Shortly after, Lee Tae meets and is smitten with Yoo Jung, a daughter of the palace scholar. However, as the two get closer, Park Gye Won argues that the relationship goes against his authority, he accuses Yoo Jung’s family as traitors and orders the family for execution. While the palace court gets embroiled in a political battle, Lee Tae helps Yoo Jung escape the palace and finds a way to remain in touch.

Time skips to the present time, the Queen has passed away and Lee Tae is ordered to find a new Queen. Strategically planning his actions to free himself from Park Gye Won, Lee Tae creates an opportunity to meet the Minister of War’s daughter and makes his intention known that he wants her to be the new Queen.

When Lee Tae receives news that Yoo Jung is in danger, he rushes to save her. In the face of danger, Yoo Jung confesses her feelings to Lee Tae and asks him to marry her. Shocked by the confession, Lee Tae stutters that he already had someone in mind.

Although Bloody Hearts has only aired two episodes, many netizens are singing high praises for the drama’s beautiful visuals. Many netizens complimented the breathtaking ending scene in the first episode where Lee Tae and Yoo Jung reunite against a backdrop of firecrackers. However, some netizens argue that the script is weak and hope that the drama will be more innovative going forward.

Source: Korea Star Daily

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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