Bae Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk’s “Start-Up” to Air on October 17

Netflix Originals’ upcoming South Korean youth drama Start-Up pumped up excitement for its October 17 premiere at yesterday’s press conference. Main stars, including Bae Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Seon Ho, and Kang Han Na, were in attendance to promote the series, and Suzy and Joo Hyuk expressed particular enthusiasm for their onscreen chemistry.

During the press interview, Suzy revealed that she accepted the role for several reasons. For one, the plot sounded refreshing, and secondly, she has ties with both screenwriter Park Hye Ryun and director Oh Choong Hwan. She felt nostalgic as she worked with the screenwriter for her debut drama Dream High and again in romance thriller While You Were Sleeping alongside director Choong Hwan.

Suzy was further convinced to accept the drama offer since she never worked with Joo Hyuk before. She praised Joo Hyuk’s upbeat energy for helping her ease into her role and expressed that she looks forward to seeing their romantic chemistry on screen. Hearing her compliments, Joo Hyuk shyly responded that when he heard he would be coupling with Suzy, he immediately thought they would hit it off well because they are of the same age, and it would be interesting to perform a business rom-com together. Although they filmed scenes separately in the beginning, the actor is happy to find that there were many sparks between them during their shoots together.

Showing confidence in their roles, Joo Hyuk was asked how he prepared for his character. The actor laughed and shared that he did not need to specifically prepare for anything because he just needed to look at himself in the mirror to play the clumsy and dull Nam Do San. Joo Hyuk felt relaxed portraying Do San, as they share similar traits like avoiding eye contact when nervous. Suzy jumped in and quickly added, “Do San has a simple personality, so it feels like Joo Hyuk is possessed by him at times. But whether it be Do San or Joo Hyuk, they both give people a sense of pureness and loveliness.”

Viewers can catch Suzy and Joo Hyuk in Start-Up every week on Saturdays and Sundays.

“Start-Up” Trailer:

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  1. Just finished 2 episodes, it has all the typical kdrama rom com elements but yet I really enjoyed it. The acting are good generally and the story, it is still a love story but as per usual, plenty of other elements. So far it is enjoyable and the opening scene is vibrant, a little cool and rather energetic. But it is not idol drama. Kdrama doesn’t do idol dramas. they have idols, but they are more into themes, this being rom com set amidst start up businesses, a twisted cinderella story I suppose, 2 feuding sisters and 1 very irresponsible mother. Oh, and a super cool grandma. The running theme to any kdrama is how to recognise the lead; the one who deep down is always kind, even if he or she doesn’t admit it.

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