Deepfake App Recasts Tzuyu in “Start-Up”

Fans of Tzuyu used deepfakes to make her appear in scenes of the hit drama.

Netflix’s latest hit Korean drama, Start-Up, has been well-received by international viewers. Recently, a fan used Deepfake technology to swap K-pop girl group TWICE member Chou Tzuyu’s (周子瑜) face onto actress Kang Han Na’s (姜漢娜) body, fulfilling fans’ dreams of seeing the 21-year-old “star” in their favorite drama!

Fan used AI-powered deepfake technology to create a video clip showing Tzuyu in two separate settings, as a CEO entering the office and interacting with her subordinates while another showed her getting her hair cut at a salon.

Capturing even minute facial expressions, the extremely convincing deepfakes satisfied fans’ curiosity by visualizing how their idol looks like with short hair and in an emotional crying scene, though some worried fans have voiced their concerns about the possible misuse of the synthetic manipulation, which appears eeriely realistic.

Comparison screenshots:

Source: Korea Star Daily

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