Kang Han Na Plays a Trendsetting Vampire in “Bite Sisters”

Just in time for Halloween, Kang Han Na, Kim Yeong Ah and Choi Too Hwa star as a trio of vampire sisters in fantasy drama Bites Sisters.

The drama follows three vampires who have kept their true identities hidden for many centuries. Living among humans, the vampires use their powers for good and help humanity in secrecy. The drama will follow stories of the vampires’ lives as well as their forbidden romances.

Kang Han Na will be stepping into the limelight as Han Yi Na, a vampire who accidentally became an influencer with a huge online following, and will be treating the audience with fashionable dresses from various eras. This will be the actress’ first major role on the small screen after playing secondary female leads in My Roommate is a Gumiho and Start-Up.

Korean star Lee Shin Young will be starring as Jung Sung Min, and will have a mysterious history with Han Yi Na. Many fans are excited about the actor’s growth since his supporting role in Crash Landing on You.

To showcase the characters, a released trailer gives a peek at the vampire sisters’ varying personalities.  While Han Yi Na appears to be disappointed that humans are not as terrible as she had hoped, Lee Ji Yeon (Choi Yoo Hwa) intimidates and drives her subordinates crazy at her firm. Meanwhile, Kim Mi Sook (Kim Young Ah) grows tired of interacting with humans but when she crosses paths with Jung Sung Min, she recognizes him as the man who had a history with Han Yi Na in the ancient era.

Bite Sisters airs every Tuesday and Friday at 7 p.m. Korean Standard Time.

Sources: Korea Star Daily

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