Upcoming Korean Drama “Startup” Stars Bae Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk

Start-ups and entrepreneurship are rising passions among youths hoping to make a name for themselves and achieve success. To reflect this growing desire, While You Were Sleeping writer Park Hye Ryun and director Oh Choong Hwan are collaborating again to produce another hit series, Startup. Along with the confirmed cast made up of Bae Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Seon Ho, and Kang Han Na, the names attached to this project are heightening expectations for its upcoming premiere in October.

The drama follows the story of four young startup CEOs trying to stay afloat in the competitive business field and fulfill their dreams. Through the various issues that arise when running a business and the need to balance life and work, they learn to become resilient and strive for success.

Having previously worked with the producers on While You Were Sleeping, actress Suzy agreed to headline their latest project again. She plays the female lead, Seo Dal Mi, a young and ambitious girl determined to become Korea’s Steve Jobs. Despite making it into college, she chooses to drop out and turn her focus on earning money for her future start-up. She takes on multiple part-time jobs and is not afraid of working hard to accomplish her goals.

Meanwhile, Joo Hyuk plays Nam Do San, the founder of Samsan Tech. Touted as a math genius at a young age, he became the youngest winner of the Math Olympiad. Although he was once the family’s pride, his investments in his start-up showed total losses in the past two years. During this low point in his life, he coincidentally meets Dal Mi, who inspires him to keep working hard.

Rising actor Seon Ho will play Han Ji Pyung, a talented and sharp-witted investor who created a company to pay off his debt. He also works as the chief team leader for SH Venture Capital. His brilliant investing skills and achievements make him well-known among the business and finance industry.

And last but not least, Han Na plays Won In Jae, a successful CEO with a triple threat of beauty, brains, and money. She has everything in control and excels in everything she does. However, her background as a rich second generation drags her down, so she is motivated to work extra hard to prove herself to everyone, particularly her father, that she can become successful without his help.

Startup is confirmed to air after Stranger 2 on October 10. There will be 16 episodes in total with two episodes aired weekly on Saturday and Sunday.

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This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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