Kim Seon Ho to Attend Upcoming Fan Meet

For 10 months since the expose of his ex-girlfriend’s abortion controversy, Kim Seon Ho was largely absent from public events. Even his official Instagram account was rarely updated, as the actor quietly dedicated to filming movie Sad Tropics and theatrical production. Finally easing back into the spotlight, Seon Ho is ready to greet with fans again in an upcoming fan meet.

Recently, an employee from Seon Ho’s agency S.A.L.T provided an update on his whereabouts on Instagram. The actor was seen smiling shyly while filling up banchan dishes. The post was captioned, “We’ve caught actor Kim Seon Ho filling up banchan dishes for our employees. What is on the menu for everyone today? Please remember to eat!”

The Instagram account also shared tidbits of what Seon Ho has been doing during his period of “quiet reflection” and is usually updated weekly. There were numerous behind-the-scenes photos of him preparing for his theatre play.

Fans are very excited to finally catch a glimpse of Seon Ho, and praised him for his attentiveness. As the actor is scheduled to have a fans meeting in South Korea on December 10,  many are eager to attend as this is the first time he will be meeting with them in nearly one year since the scandal.

Source: World Journal

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