Kim Seon Ho Hints at Full Comeback

Kim Seon Ho has largely been absent from the spotlight since his abortion controversy with his ex-girlfriend in October 2021. Although Dispatch released an investigative report to prove that his ex-girlfriend was lying, it was too late and his image was damaged. He left his role in 2 days, 1 Night 4 and has not made a public appearance since.

On his 36th birthday, May 8, Seon Ho decided to reach out to his fans through his official fan site. His message was apologetic and seemed to hint at a full return to work soon.

“Sometimes, I feel like time has stopped, one day feels like a month, a year. Other times, I suddenly feel like time is moving faster than my spirit and it’s hard to catch up, so I haven’t been able to manage my emotions well. Maybe I’m not alone and everyone is also experiencing the same emotions because of me. I am really sorry that everyone is struggling due to my shortcomings. It’s hard to heal after your soul has been hurt. I feel so sorry when I think about how those who support me will have a scar in the corner of their hearts that is hard to remove. I will treasure the support from my Korean and international fans and work hard at becoming an even better actor and person. I apologize again; I pray that everyone will be happy and healthy. Thank you for those accompanying me, I will not make you wait too long,” the actor stated.

During this period of reflection, Seon Ho has declined all advertisements, awards ceremonies, and public events. He has already finished filming Sad Tropics in Thailand and returned to South Korea on April 18.

Source: Korea Star Daily

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Kim Seon Ho’s Ex-Girlfriend Forgives Him Over Abortion Controversy

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  1. Glad he has many supporters/loyal fans. His popularity not affected by the sandal

  2. I’m glad he will be back. I’m not a big fan, but I did enjoy his presence as a great cast member in 1N2D. This case proves how bad cancel culture can be, and he was unlucky to have dealt with a malicious ex girlfriend. I wish him well!

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