As Abortion Controversy Cools, Kim Seon Ho Films “Sad Tropical”

After about a month and a half out of the public eye, Kim Seon Ho has returned to work and attended a script reading for Sad Tropical on December 4.

Thrust into controversy when his ex-girlfriend Choi Young Ah accused him of pressuring her to get an abortion, Kim Seon Ho had faced the threat of being cancelled. Although his drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha received good reviews, he was unable to capitalize on its success due to public backlash.  He was dropped by many sponsors, and lost film and hosting opportunities.

However, tabloids later questioned the authenticity of Choi Young Ah’s claims when extensive text conversations between the couple were revealed, in which Kim Seon Ho had offered to take responsibility.

Gains Director’s Trust

Voicing his support for Kim Seon Ho, director Park Hoon Jung stated that an actor’s personal life should not be mixed up with work, thus he did not see a need to recast for Sad Tropical as it would also be difficult to find a replacement last minute.

Korean news outlet JTBC reported that after issuing his public apology, Kim Seon Ho had met with Park Hoon Jung and confided that he felt very troubled by the scandal, but hoped to take responsibility and will take care of everything. Kim Seon Ho’s attitude won the director’s trust, and convinced him that the actor would still be a good fit for his antagonist role, a mysterious character with ambiguous intentions.

Many fans look forward to his first film role, and have not given up on supporting him. Also, the brands that have continued to use him have shown good sales figures on Singles Day, proving that Kim Seon Ho still remains an influential artiste.

Source: HK01

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