Kim Seon Ho and Jisoo Win Best Actor and Actress Awards

At the 2022 Seoul International Drama Awards, Kim Seon Ho and BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo won top acting awards. Kim Seon Ho won Best Actor for his role in Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, while Jisoo won Best Actress for her role leading role in the JTBC series, Snowdrop.

Unfortunately, neither were able to attend the ceremony and simply thanked their fans through video recordings. Kim Seon Ho expressed in his video, “I’m sorry I couldn’t be there due to scheduling conflicts. I’m grateful that so many loved Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. This award does not belong to only me, but rather all the cast and crew who had a part in the drama. It is an award we all worked together and won. It is because there is all of you that there is me. I will continue to work hard and become an even better actor. I’m truly thankful to everyone. Thank you.”

Jisoo was also absent from the award ceremony due to obligations of promoting BLACKPINK’s new album in the United States. Through her video message, she expressed, “I’m very honored to receive this award. Because of schedule conflicts, I’m unable to attend the event. It’s a pity. However, I’m very happy to receive this award. Thank you to everyone who loved this production. In the future, I’ll continue to work hard and bring the audience better performances. Thank you!”

Source: World Journal

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  1. Jisoo is prob better as an actress than a singer. She’s the odd ball out in Blackpink. She’s trained for acting anyways…why they pick her for singing instead is beyond me

  2. Is this fan voted? How did Jisoo win best actress out of all the talented actresses that had dramas in 2022? I thought her performance was widely criticized.

    1. It is actually International drama awards in Seoul, mostly those produced for Netflix without local production (not many, they are usually local production sold to Netflix) and Disney + etc, it is much smaller pool
      of dramas, most of the top dramas are not in this category. However she was really good in that drama, she is better actress than singer despite huge fame. I would give her debut actress award but not really best drama actress award. The negative hype around drama was obviously politically driven not related to their acting. It is a drama worth seeing.

      1. Thanks Dee! That makes a lot of sense. I’ve never seen Snowdrop myself, so I don’t have a personal opinion on her acting. I just thought I saw articles about korean netizens complaining about her. But considering how popular she is, easy to have a lot of haters as well.

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