Kim Seon Ho: “I’ll Take Responsibility”; Ex-girlfriend Suggested Abortion First

Just as Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha was wrapping its finale and catapulted Kim Seon Ho‘s popularity to an all-time high, he was caught in an abortion controversy with his ex-girlfriend, former weather anchor Choi Young Ah. While she initially accused the actor of forcing her to get an abortion and refusing to take responsibility, new evidence emerged to show that Young Ah was actually the first to bring up the abortion.

On November 1, Korean media outlet Dispatch published a 22-page record of 284 text conversations between Seon Ho and Young Ah.

In the screenshots of the conversations, Seon Ho was willing to take responsibility of his ex-girlfriend’s pregnancy and suggested that they get married. Seon Ho repeatedly tried comforting Young Ah, and said they should meet with each other’s parents to plan for marriage. He wrote, “My love, no matter what happens, I’ll take full responsibility.” He even suggested to pull out of movie contracts in order to take care of Young Ah.

In response to Seon Ho’s suggestions, Young Ah expressed that it was not the right time for a child, and stated that she wants to focus on earning money. Not moved by Seon Ho’s words, Choi Young Ah texted, “Getting married solely because of children and responsibility is something that I don’t like.”

Seon Ho was conflicted in choosing abortion, as he was concerned if this would affect her future chances of pregnancy. “Let’s decide after discussing and overcoming the problem together! I have never loved anyone the same way I’ve loved you!”

Although the pair ultimately mutually agreed on the abortion, Seon Ho was not the irresponsible ex-boyfriend that Young Ah claimed. They continued to stay together after the abortion, but their relationship soured this year because of speculations over Young Ah cheating.

Better late than never, it looks like Seon Ho can finally steer free of negative criticisms as the truth continues to unravel. Seon Ho’s advertisements are airing once again, and the actor is said to proceed in filming movie Sad Tropical in November.

Source: HK01

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  1. If the above were indeed true, that he wanted to take responsibility and she suggested an abortion. Then what a vindictive ex! Knowing the current climate with scandals and how it can affect/cancel an artist’s popularity. To think that she did thus to discredit and sully his name. I am speechless! Hope he can recover. He should thank his lucky stars, that he has dodged this bullet. Nasty!

    1. and most interesting thing is that she was sending shots of their conversation to her friends and 5-6 of her friends stepped out ton defend KSH. I know emotions are matter of heart not head but this girl was really bad news for him during relationship and after.

      1. Wow that is really interesting, If the girl’s friends are stepping out to defend him. Very telling of her character. As I said he’s lucky he’s dodged the bullet this time and her true colours are revealed. Scary to think what else she’s capable of.

  2. OMg!!! If this is true…this woman is evil and stupid…her greed lost a baby and a man who loves her… I am not even certain the baby is his… I really wish this woman get more punishment for her deed and lies…

    He definitely dodge this bullet, he almost married this evil witch… But I really dont understand why did she share screenshot of their conversations to her friends??

    1. One explanation of why she shared the screenshots, of her conversations with KSH with her friends are,to boast to them the power she has over him, or how much he loves her.

  3. At first I thought she was using the pregnancy to tie him down but now it’s a totally something else.
    If the above is true then she’s making it harder for all future abuse claims to be taken serious.
    It took awhile for victims of abuse to have a voice and now we have someone like this ex using it in such vindictive way. Sigh.

    1. People kept on saying that woman do not think with their head but only with emotion. Time and time again, it proves that’s exactly how woman operates. Why do we woman stereotypes ourselves into a box.

    2. So true. The rate of false accusations is such a tiny fraction compared to unreported or true ones, but unfortunately, crazy stories like this continue to make life harder for women.

  4. Dude, that’s just effin messed up. Her career is forever gone now – rightfully deserved! What a scum. She almost killed him. What a jerk. Seriously, puts a bad name to all womenkind.

  5. I think her point was he was only marrying her for the baby. I think his response was: “But I’ve never loved anyone as much I love you.” Taking everything at face value, I think they wanted different things. Since we don’t know everything that went on, it seems like he failed to give her the attention she wanted. Why would you text a woman carrying your baby and not call or show up in person? I am not saying he conveniently created a paper trail but there’s toxicity from both sides.

    1. because he was filming on the set and sets are not office around the corner usually it is outside of the city and in some cases crew stays a month or more on the set. In this particular case he had cancellation of local shooting one night and after she told him she is at home he went to surprise her bringing candies and oops she was not hime she partied with someone else.

      She is in essence disgrace for womenkind as thanks to her petty little vengeance she will give ammunition to many to doubt future actual victims. She is disgrace to us all.

    2. @jesspepperwang Wanting different things from a relationship does not warrant her publicly imply he forced her to have an abortion. “The woman claimed she became pregnant with his baby. Although he had promised to marry her, he later forced her to get an abortion and broke up with her”. Not defending him because I am not a fan, never seen any of his works. But just don’t agree with your comments and her actions. What she did was spiteful especially when her claims were untrue. She deliberately fabricated the information to make him look bad. She alleged she was a woman who possibly could not have more children, yet he allegedly forced her to have an abortion then broke up with her. What’s the motivation here? As far as why send text messages? Maybe they have had many conversations already or he may be very busy. I believe actors keeps strange hours. Therefore, they had to maintain the conversation via sms. As I said, not defending him because I am not a fan. But more angry that this ex was so vindictive that she wanted to use this opportunity to destroy his career. A final thing is my impression of South Korea is that it’s a very judgemental society. Imagine the finger pointy at him and his family/his parents, raising this child. Not fair and not right!

      1. What I am saying: the entire story is not here. I empathize with his filming but I also think she was disheartened that this whole conversation was over text. He probably didn’t or did meet up with her after but the point is I am taking only this 22 page piece of evidence at face value

    3. I’m not trusting either side of the story, but I’m leaning to her side a bit. How convenient is that all their friends got their text messages? And how do we know if it’s not altered? through all the 22 texts, i thought she wanted to keep the baby, but she wanted to hear his thought and not drag down his career so she hinting she is willing to sacrifice for him by aborting. And for him, i think he is very cautious. He didn’t want to have this baby, but he didn’t want her to get angry if he said he agreed to abort. So he is soothing her first and then saying all these contracts he got to cancel and the fee behind it, which made her feel like their baby is a problem to their future. In the end, unfortunately, she did abort so who knows if his words did have an effect on her decision or not. But he aint an angel in my eyes.

      1. @jesse First, I haven’t seen his work, and he’s basically unknown to me until all these articles. However, based on what I have read, she was the one that started this whole mess. You said it was convenient that there’s a paper trail, but he didn’t release it, he didn’t explain himself, all he did was apologised to her, and if you want to be doubtful, doubt that woman. She was so quick and forgiving him, now you possibly say because he paid her, but dude isn’t that rich nor famous before this? He literally just got blown up famous after hometown cha cha cha. And to add on, how many have vouched for her? Compare to how many have vouched for him? It speaks volume when ppl in the industry is siding with him. You don’t know him, you and I, same with many readers here only have information from these articles, you don’t work with him or know him personally. So to straight up believing the girl, whose claim and actions have been rather questionable.

        If these text were fake, don’t you think she could immediately upload her version from her phone real fast to prove that she’s innocent and all these are fabricated? Yet she’s silent atm, that tells a lot. It’s been 3 days since the texts have been released to vindicate him, it doesn’t take more than a day to go back to your chat history to capture those conversations.

        Also you took her POV, and so you think his actions and words made her do the abortion. And therefore he is not an angel. But what if that POV is totally fake?

    4. @jesspepperwang Because he was trying to change her minds, when he is not around? It’s very normal to continue to text to solidify your case after a hard discussion with your partner? He was trying to prove his case even when he was not around her, reassuring her of his position in this matter and their relationship, making sure she doesn’t keep on guessing/doubting/has silly thoughts about their relationship? If anything, these sort of texts proved he was being sincere, and not insincere as you thought.
      How would you know he didn’t call? Nor talk to her in person? The toxicity is solely comes from that woman it seems

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