Mutual Friends Claim Kim Seon Ho’s Ex-Girlfriend Lied

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha star, 35-year-old actor Kim Seon Ho, is seeing his career crashing down after his ex-girlfriend, Choi Young Ah, accused him of forcing her to get an abortion and then breaking up. Although Seon Ho was initially hammered, South Korea’s Dispatch latest expose cite three mutual friends’ testimonies which claim that Young Ah had lied.

As public blame grew, Seon Ho had apologized and admitted that he had hurt her with his thoughtlessness and carelessness. He further reached out to Young Ah privately to apologize. She accepted his apology, and stated that she did not mean to cause such a fuss. She felt guilty, and admitted that some parts of the story were exaggerated. However, the damage was done and Seon Ho’s image took took a nosedive with many of his endorsements and filming offers cancelled.

She Was Dishonest from the Beginning

After Seon Ho’s ex-girlfriend was revealed to be former weather broadcaster, 37-year-old divorcee Choi Young Ah, further details about their relationship were also spilled.

Meeting at a friend’s gathering at the end of 2019, they started dating in March of 2020. However, Young Ah only disclosed that she was divorced after they started dating. Seon Ho confided in a friend that he genuinely liked her, and decided to continue dating her despite his parents’ worries.

She Had Cheated On Him?

Previously, Young Ah claimed that Seon Ho tried to hide their relationship and they could not even hold hands in public. However, Dispatch published photos showing the pair on a date with their beloved dog at a restaurant. They were also seen on dates at a zoo and an amusement park.

To further prove that Young Ah was unreliable, Dispatch published a text message that was shared by a mutual friend. It turns out that Young Ah was lying and meeting other men behind Seon Ho. He found out on July 7, and turned to a friend for support. She sent a text message apologizing, and Seon Ho decided to forgive her.

Seon Ho Was Initially Happy Over Pregnancy

Young Ah had also accused Seon Ho of promising to marry in two years, but urged her to get an abortion otherwise he would have to pay enormous fees for violating endorsement contract terms. She said his attitude changed after she got an abortion.

A mutual friend referred to as B, who is a musical actor and Seon Ho’s junior, said otherwise. He stated that Young Ah learned that she was pregnant on July 24, and Seon Ho was initially happy over the pregnancy. “At first, he thought it was happy news, but of course he was also a little scared. They deliberated for a long time, and unfortunately both decided on an abortion.”

B stated that he accompanied Young Ah on July 27 for the abortion, while Seon Ho went to buy groceries to boil seaweed soup for his girlfriend. Seon Ho then brought Young Ah to his parents. As she had also spent the night in their home before, this contradicted her claims that she was never introduced to his family.

In Young Ah’s post, she stated that Seon Ho was stingy and had only paid approximately $1,700 US dollars in medical expenses after her abortion. A friend disclosed that Young Ah liked buying luxury items, and these were mostly paid by Seon Ho.

Another friend also found many secretly recorded videos and audio clips of Seon Ho on Young Ah’s computer, and questioned her motives.

B stated that Seon Ho’s apology in regards to the abortion was true. Seon Ho tried to understand from her point of view, as he had once truly loved her but did not want their dirty laundry continue to be aired in public.

Based on their knowledge, the three mutual friends felt Seon Ho and Young Ah’s breakup was due to an accumulation of events rather than just the abortion issue.

In regards to the rumors, Seon Ho’s agency S.A.L.T expressed that they had no comments. Many fans felt very sorry that the actor’s career took such a hard hit, and hope that he will be able to make a comeback soon.


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  1. Hmm, I don’t buy it. A guy won’t just admit everything if there’s no truth to the allegations. Just like Show Luo – he admitted to everything he did after being exposed, but still came out and denied the things he didn’t do. If there’s anything he could’ve defended himself with, he would do it. It’s human nature, after all. And I also don’t completely buy the fact that his ex rescinded her comments because she was lying. I said this before – she did it because he’s probably suicidal. And what do you know, speculations are rife that he’s in the hospital. So there ya go.

    Of course there IS a possibility that she has lied about everything or omitted pertinent details to her story that paints him in a bad light, in which case, she deserves the worst punishment and should be held legally liable for all the damage she’s caused. I don’t think she is lying, though, because his agency has not launched any lawsuit

    1. It’s the korean culture; apologise for apologise sake. I don’t believe her 100%, neither do I believe him 100%. But I do believe in common sense; she’s a grown woman, crying about forced abortion which makes no sense and has timed her revelation where it hurt most. She’s no naive innocent girl. As for him, yes he should defend himself, but maybe like he said he doesn’t want to wash dirty laundry in public. Point if the issue wasn’t even that huge, she made herself a victim and he didn’t help matters by saying sorry but not going into details. That’s how koreans operate anyway.

      1. @funnlim the burden of pregnancy is always on women. even if women play a part in getting pregnant, it’s still us in the end who has the burden of carrying a pregnancy to term or not. and if not, our bodies carry the reminder of the abortion. i get that she played a part in the accidental pregnancy, but it was still an accident she wanted to keep. because of his comments, she ultimately decided to give it up. Regrets are common, but if there was an outside reason for the regrets, i.e. pressure to abort by partner via violence/emotional abuse, and not just a decision made by both parties willingly, then it becomes a trickier subject. pregnancy hormones may also play a part in her emotionally charged claims. it’s an unfortunate situation played out in public, and I’m not going to label either person, but now we know. his image is rightfully tarnished and so’s hers. maybe that was her goal from the very beginning out of spite (ruining him made her feel better – hurt people, hurts people) or maybe she just wanted to vent.

      2. @Coralie, very well said. I totally agree with your comment. No one put a gun to his head and forced him to confess. He did admit to everything and that alone shows tremendous guilt on his part. I do agree that if the ex gf is lying she should be held accountable for any lies on her part. However, there seems to be evidence of her being coerced into having an abortion. Both of them acted rashly and selfishly in my opinion.

        Someone brought up the topic that she was married two times before. If she was married twice, or twenty two times, that has no relevance to the abortion situation. They both need to come clean to the public and move on with their lives, but they both need to face the consequences for any wrongdoing. I personally don’t think he should be scrubbed. His situation is not a Kris Wu situation. However, I still believe there is also wrongdoing on his part, or his management company would be out for her blood, with lawsuifs to reach the sky.

    2. I believe you are projecting a lot of personal things into this situation.

      However, there are few facts we do know:

      -The ex-girlfriend was already married twice and second marriage lasted 17 days
      Why is this relevant – she is grown up person fully educated on pregnancy issues

      – both parties are guilty of unprotected moment of passion. Men and women are equal partners in this as prevention is the way to exercise self-love to you and your body. They jointly failed in this and I hope young audience will learn from their case how much education and prevention is key to happy life.

      – They jointly decided to go through abortion as it is really difficult to get one in SK, new law that decriminalize abortion entered into force this year. That means multiple meetings with doctors before the approval it is not one off spur of the moment thing. It takes toll on both women and men, it is very hurtful and stays with you all your life.

      – other things I agree we can take with pinch of salt, as it is in the end hearsay, who said what and how; we should not go down that route. But that goes for both him and her. We simply do not know what happened in reality.

      However, despite of the abortion she was very much in favor of getting married and stayed with him for 10 more months and that shows his effort to proceed in that direction, unfortunately for her it did not materialize the way she expected. She is still hurting as only few months passed and might have done vengeance driven move that hurt her back more. Airing dirty laundry cannot have happy ending for parties involved.

      1. @Dee Not sure if you’re referring to me, but no, I’m not projecting. It’s all speculations on my part based on available info.

        I didn’t know KSH’s ex was married twice. Are you sure that’s a fact? And precisely because she has been married twice, that she knows about pregnancy and didn’t get pregnant at all in those two previous relationships. She kept herself childless and now that she got preggo by KSH, you can tell why she wanted to treasure it even more. And perhaps why she’s so hurt by the abortion. They got an abortion within 3 days of finding out…can’t be that hard to get one.

      2. @Dee also airing dirty laundry didn’t hurt Grace (show luo’s ex) one bit. She got more famous and is living a lovely life.

    3. @Coralie yes i am sure it is all over press now with her full name, even mutual friends are on KHS side publishing things about them and their kakao talks.

      I don’t know what is true or not but if even a fraction of it is true I am truly sorry for KHS. They were together more than a year, he did not cheat on her, introduced her to his parents, he tried and seems he lived her. Yes they were reckless and stupid and they’ll have to live with that whole their lives. on the other side she seemed to be lying to him, meeting multiple men etc

      Even her ex-husband went on line to confirm why and how they divorced and that involved her cheating on him at their place and he filmed all that with security camera (3 different men in 3 weeks) etc

      After all these rumors public is largely questioning if a baby in issue was KHS’s at all.

      To be honest her and her legal team are oddly silent and articles are flying at full speed for days now despite initial threat legal team published before few days and before Dispatch article.

      Grace and Show’s case is different in sense that serial cheater Show was caught in flagrante in let’s say group activities. I bet Grace has more material on Show she kept for herself . She kept upper hand in this story. In KHS case mutual friends are fighting for him. First time that happened in Korean public.

      1. @Dee well, it’s possible that she orchestrated the whole thing and that her side of the story are mostly lies. but that’s really pathetic if true. I guess as bystanders we won’t know the full truth. If he didn’t really coerce her for the abortion, then he is a good person…but we just don’t know.

  2. @Coralie tru that! For us as bystanders it is difficult to know what is real what is used for audience manipulation. So true!

    What broke me to incline a bit more to his side was streak of his school friends who opened their names and photos to defend him and stop smear campaign that started as avalanche after her first post (false news about school bullying and you know all those vulture you-tubers and anonymous posts/articles etc) and that is not an easy thing to do specially for non celebrities and for someone you truly do not believe in. There were some really sweet moments there. And I was thinking how it is that attackers sit anonymous behind the keyboard while all of them had to publicly take a stand to stop someone pumping likes on their sns.

    But I agree, what transpired between a couple that we shall not and should not know to be honest. It is important to know if someone is bully and bad person but not that level of details that we know now.

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