Kim Seon Ho’s Ex-Girlfriend Forgives Him Over Abortion Controversy

Just as quickly as Kim Seon Ho found stardom after Netflix’s Start-Up and Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha became international hits, his career seemed to be threatened when his ex-girlfriend accused him of forcing her to get an abortion this year. Although her post initially accused Seon Ho of his manipulative nature, she retracted the accusations and said it was a “misunderstanding” after talking with the actor.

When an anonymous post accused an actor, Mr. K, of forcing her to get an abortion and then breaking up with her, netizens quickly voiced their suspicions that Kim Seon Ho is Mr. K. Further fueling the rumors, he and his agency were suspiciously silent for two days following the controversy. This was seen as silent admission, and perhaps an attempt to reach out to the actor’s ex-girlfriend to settle the matter before addressing the public.

On October 20, Seon Ho finally posted a response and admitted that he is indeed Mr. K and had dated the anonymous woman in the past. He admitted that they had started dating with genuine intentions, but had hurt her due to his carelessness and thoughtlessness.

“Because this is my first scandal, I was scared and waited until now to respond. I have not given an official apology to her, and I am still waiting for a time. I want to express my genuine apologies through this post first. I’m sorry for the hurt that I have caused while dating due to my immature actions,” Seon Ho stated that he wanted to meet up with the woman to apologize in person.

Ex-Girlfriend Also Issues Apology

Shortly after the actor’s statement, his ex-girlfriend responded with a post and admitted that the incident has blown up beyond her expectations. She has forgiven him after clearing up misunderstandings over the matter.

“Sorry, my post seems to have hurt a lot of people and that was not my intention. When I was dating him, we really loved each other. My post was fueled by my emotions, and I feel guilty seeing him suffer. I accept his apology–it looks like we have misunderstandings on both ends. I hope that rumors will not continue to spread. This issue has caused a lot of hurt and suffering to many and my heart is heavy. I will delete that post,” she stated.

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  1. Based on what the ex-gf said, if is true then is very sad. Any women will not be able to accept break-up esp the then-bf requested for abortion and she has to comply in order not to get her bf in trouble. But he treat her differently after that. It is like breaking promise and get betrayed. So that is the way she retaliate. It is true people changed after they get famous or rich. Perhaps he did not handle the whole situation well or maybe ended the relationship abruptly.

    Well the good thing is, at least he apologized to public and to her personally and did not try to deny or take legal actions and claim is false accusation. Also another good thing is, the ex-gf only did it after the drama finish airing, perhaps not to get the drama affected. Just my opinion though.

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