Kim Seon Ho Accused of Forcing Ex-Girlfriend’s Abortion

Warming up hearts in Start-Up and Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, Kim Seon Ho shot to stardom relatively late at the age of 35. With damaging rumors surfacing that Seon Ho may have forced his ex-girlfriend to get an abortion, brands are ready to drop their contracts as the actor faces a threat to his career which has just taken flight.

Anonymous Woman Claims to Be Ex-girlfriend

The Korean entertainment industry has been abuzz with the latest rumor from an anonymous citizen who claims to be the ex-girlfriend of Mr. K, a popular Korean actor with a kind appearance. The woman claimed she became pregnant with his baby. Although he had promised to marry her, he later forced her to get an abortion and broke up with her.

Netizens pieced together the clues, and they suspect that Mr. K is Kim Seon Ho. To add fuel to the fire, an entertainment reporter held a YouTube live stream and disclosed that Mr. K is indeed Kim Seon Ho.

The woman’s post originally talked about how she laughed when Mr. K came under fire for screaming on a variety show, and indicated that this is his true personality. The reporter disclosed that the show she is referring to is 2 Days & 1 Night, and the episode aired in March of this year. The reporter also mentioned that he had first learned that Seon Ho was having arguments with his girlfriend through an interview in October. He shared that many news outlets are aware of the rumor, but no one was willing to expose it as the actor’s drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha became a big hit.

Agency’s Slow Response

The reporter disclosed that Seon Ho’s agency was aware of this situation early on, and should have already come up with a contingency plan, yet they took two days to finally issue a vague statement, “We are still clarifying the authenticity of the content.”

It turns out that Seon Ho’s three-year contract with his talent agency, S.A.L.T., expired in September, but was extended temporarily because the actor was filming Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha at the time. This may explain S.A.L.T.’s nonchalance in handling the matter.

Seon Ho’s fans have taken action to protect the actor, and been even more active than his agency in responding to the rumors! They have expressed that they will take legal action against those that spread false rumors on the Internet, and hope that the netizens can stop defaming him.

Brands Race to Cancel Kim Seon Ho

Although Seon Ho and the anonymous woman have not stepped forward to clarify the rumor, all of his endorsements have been quickly taken down. A pizza brand has changed all advertisements to their other ambassador Shin Dong Yup. Netizens have also discovered that Canon and Food Bucket which he endorses have deleted all of his commercials from their Instagram.

A cast interview of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha was originally scheduled for this week, but was cancelled last minute due to Seon Ho’s scandal.

Sources: HK01; World Journal

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  1. Why do these women always wait until the other person is famous or popular then come out to claim this and that thanks for ruining peoples lives. I guess if she can’t have him then she ll try to destroy him..

    1. She s mad that she s isn’t with him anymore and he s super popular now lol if she had the abortion then the bby didn’t mean anything to her. If she love him that much then she should’ve kept it. She kept quiet this whole time until hometown cha cha cha lol

      1. You’re right, that’s one way of looking at it, but why all this animosity towards him, his career, his life. Didn’t know she’s about couple years older than he is, did she really want to get married to him or just to get married, did she really want to be pregnant, to have a child or just to prove she could get pregnant but hold it against him like a bargaining tool for marriage or else, why jeopardize an innocent life. She should be lucky she can have a child but if it’s only to get even with him for whatever and now want an abortion, I don’t think much or respect her decision even tho it’s hers and his to make knowing that they are mature, responsible adults, right? As a mother, and I also had an abortion after having a couple, till this day, I still am regretful, guilt to live with for the rest of my life. How can I say ok to two live births but now divorced but the third blessing with a boyfriend, I opted for a horrible decision that I regret making to this day as I just turned 70; he would’ve been about 42. I still wonder how he would’ve been like till this day. Of course only those two can decide which decision to make but if I was her, irregardless how the relationship would end up, go with the positive. If I could get a second chance, you bet, I’d have him standing by my side no matter what. Just my female POV.

    2. It’s alarming how quick people are to victim blame. It doesn’t matter what her reasons are or if she’s trying to destroy him because she can’t have him, she’s still the victim and what he did to her is still terrible.

  2. Confirmed he is going into self imposed exile for some time after admitting everything. So hes a jerk but he left her 4 months after. So maybe the relationship fizzled out. Surely she didn’t expect marriage with the physical intimacy done first? And is abortion legal in korea? So many did abortions like it is so easy. And if it is legal, why blame him? Do women on korea so gullible? No self worth? No self opinion? No decision making power? That she trips when she falls expecting man to save her? I don’t get it. And I dislike accusations without knowing the accuser. He’s no white knight but he’s no monster. She chose to go thru the abortion, she has half the responsibility.

    1. I think korean romance is not built on first loves and romance but rather on revenge and vindictive. Could be the truth since he admitted it but yes, why wait till now? And is she 100% no free will of her own? He could have just said it was a mistake, a one night stand etc. But I guess admitting, then hiding is easier.

    2. Funn: exactly , agree. She s has half the responsibility. I had an abortion because my other half didn’t want the baby. I could agree or not agree to it, but it was my choice to end it in the end. So I can’t blame him.

    3. Apparently forcing/co-ercing a woman to abort her baby is illegal in S. Korea, that’s one of the reasons why it’s such a big scandal. And if everything she said is true then he’s quite a sh*tty person.

  3. He has posted the apology online to the public. Think he told her he would marry her and when she was pregnant, he told the female about the big penalty cost he is liable, his career would be ruined if he is found to have a child or what’s not.
    While I agree that ultimately it’s her decision to abort, we didn’t know the situation that led to her decision. Maybe she was being silly to believe in his empty promise of marriage but wouldn’t many females in what they perceived as a stable relationship to believe in that as well? It is quite unlikely that females would laugh at her partner’s face and called him a liar when he talked and promised marriage.
    On the other hand, I don’t know if it has been mentioned or confirmed if his attitude changed shortly after the abortion. To his ex girlfriend’s mindset now or at least it appears to be so, he made empty promise, force or tricked her into abortion then dumped after getting rid of the baby. Or could it be just a couple who were once serious in their relationship drifted apart (on his side) and chose to end the relationship.

  4. Holy Mackerell …. fastest turnaround Rise, and immediate Fall. He didn’t even get to reap a month from his new found popularity – unlike at least China’s Zhang Zhe-han

    Hometown Chax3 just ended its Ep 16 finale last Sunday – it got kind of meh, after maybe ep 9-10 or so, but was overall a healing and warm drama

    1. Yeah too bad for him. She should’ve said something earlier…. seriously why now?
      korea always bring people personal lives into everything lol

      1. Uh they only broke up 4 months ago. She could’ve said something while the drama was airing, but then that would affect the whole filming crew and not just him. If anything, she was rather considerate. I don’t doubt she posted this as a “misunderstanding” prob because he is suicidal. C’mon, he was so emotionally unhinged during the relationship; there’s no way he’s not devastated and suicidal with the expose and he prob threatened her with it.

      2. Or he might’ve sent her hush money to be quiet.

        Alternatively, she could be lying out of revenge, but considering how emotionally charged her initial “extreme” post is, I believe everything she said, even if there’s a magnified optic to it all

  5. I wonder just how much this scandal will affect him long term? His ex’s exposing him only came to light after this drama has ended. Which is fortunate for the filming cast, crew etc… what will happen here after, that will be interesting to watch.
    To be honest, his action is not surprising… Abortions are very common now. It is sad but as long as it is legal to abort. Many who take such route must feel that is their only choice.
    I struggle to get pregnant thus I feel sad to see others aborting their babies..

  6. His ex girlfriend never mentioned his name and only quote mr K. He & his agency could deny etc.. but definitely there’s truth and uglier truth that they choose to apologise.
    His popularity rose too fast & wonder how long this scandal will ruin his popularity & image etc.
    Honestly hometown cha cha cha was only ok.. but the hype & popularity of the drama beyond expectation. Guess the good boy no longer a good boy. Hope he’ll get 2nd chance

  7. You guys should read the translated article on Koreaboo. There’s more than just the abortion issue. If what she said is all true then it revealed what a two-faced person he is. And yes, an abortion includes the decision of both parties but in this case she made it based on false promises and lies from him. He also said he’d have to pay massive fines for his endorsements deals if the news came out which would, in turn, affect his ability to earn for his parents. But she said that, in hindsight, he didn’t actually have any endorsement deals at the time. There’s more so you guys should check out that article. It’s easy to find.

    1. She just recently said there was misunderstandings between them and apologized lol wow..

    2. he told her to get abortion and said will get married in 2 years. She agreed, but they ended up breaking up. Which is normal if things fall out though. I mean not all couples will end up marrying even if it s a promised lol

  8. You reap what you sow. If he really did force/coerce his ex to get an abortion then regardless of when he’s expose, he deserves the downfall

  9. Ex gf now apologising for inconveniencing others and didn’t expect to ruin his career. She knew what she was doing. Very insincere apology. Did what he do deserve to have his career ruined? No. He will be back soon enough after compulsory laying low for a year. As for the ex gd, I dislike anonymous accusers. I will give her more respect if she shows her face and tell her story. Shows it is genuine rather than with malicious purpose. That’s how I see it

    1. Funnlim. Exactly. She knew what she was doing. She just wanted to ruin his career. She did all that then said it s all a misunderstanding. Is this some kind of game to her??

  10. Neither parties are young here, btw. His ex gf is like 37. He’s like 35. They’re old enough to know what kind of relationship they want. She’s on the tail end of “assumed” prime relationship period and he’s just found his success. Any woman would be bitter that the man they’re with broke up with them after promises of marriage, and after they got successful. Wouldn’t you?

    1. What’s that Chinese proverb again?
      共富贵容易,共患难很难。Describes this situation perfection.

  11. This is truly unfair of a scandal more so if it’s untrue, a lie, revenge to get even when he probably decided to break off their relationship. It’s really none of our business since it’s a personal matter & shouldn’t be made public that only them two can resolve among themselves, not us; it’s personal. Only they two know the truth and can resolve it, not the public. I’ve enjoyed his character played in this drama “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha”, he’s got the role down pat. It’s sad if it becomes a damaging black mark on his reputation as an up and coming young, talented actor who we can only wish him much success in his career. It could be a she said, he said situation where feelings can get hurt or misunderstood. Just can’t imagine the headline reading he forced his ex to get an abortion, we really don’t know the full circumstances on that accusation. Hopefully they can resolve that issue favorably without any more incidences; only they can decide how their relationship will go. Destroying a life is no way a solution to a problem that surely they can work out or regret. Good Luck to the couple.

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