Kim Seon Ho Declines Public Appearances After Abortion Controversy

Gaining recognition for his roles in Start-Up and Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, 35-year-old Korean actor Kim Seon Ho found popularity relatively late in his career. Last October,  Seon Ho was accused of forcing his ex-girlfriend Choi Young Ah to get an abortion. Later, she retracted her claims and said the matter was settled privately after Seon Ho apologized to her in handling their relationship thoughtlessly.

Tabloids claimed that Young Ah had lied, where she had suggesting getting the abortion first. Although it is difficult to judge who may be in the wrong, the rumors severely impacted Seon Ho’s career, as he lost movie deals and advertisement projects.

Similar to Leehom Wang’s recent scandal blowout, Seon Ho decided to keep a low profile this year and wait for public scrutiny to die down. Although Seon Ho subsequently received an invite to an awards ceremony and other work offers, he turned down the invitations. Other than completing his filming obligations for movie Sad Tropical, the actor will decline commercial appearances for the remainder of 2022.


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  1. Dear writer of this article if you know even 10% of what happened to KSH you would never put him in the same sentence with Wang Leehom. Seriously even for clicks this is ugly move. This poor guy suffered so much and it was proven that allegations were all false and malicious by your dear colleague in Korea Dispatch journalist. It was proven very shortly after it happened. I just hope he will be able to bounce back but I am not sure he’ll manage not because of the audience and public but because he was the victim here who got deeply hurt by airing dirty laundry.

    1. That is why you never ever believe everything you read, especially translated articles as they are usually even less credible.

  2. KSH case is nothing like WLH. I feel KSH must not stay inactive like this and decline those opportunities. There are certain celebs who did even more severe things and yet still come back as though nothing happen. Perhaps he thinks is better for his mental health

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