Leehom Wang Announces Withdrawal From Entertainment Industry

After a series of public onslaughts from his ex-wife Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾), Taiwanese-American singer Leehom Wang (王力宏) recognized the need to get away from the limelight immediately before his divorce scandal snowballs even further, especially since his behavior has already been condemned by the Chinese state media. The 45-year-old singer announced on December 20 that he will temporarily withdraw from the entertainment industry.

The letter written by his father in Leehom’s defense, along with the singer’s response on December 19 claiming he did not cheat, did not work as damage control. When it sparked even greater accusations from his ex-wife about Leehom “mentally abusing her” and possessing a “sex addiction” and “Narcissistic Personality Disorder,” Leehom eventually decided to halt all work activities for the time being.

Calls Out Leehom for Mentally Abusing Her

Hours prior to Leehom’s announcement of stopping all work, Jinglei fired her questions towards Leehom over his past behavior: paying for sex services, cheating, and having multiple affairs. She described how she had suffered long-term humiliation and mental abuse.

Supplying proof from their marriage counseling sessions, Jinglei provided screenshots from her therapist’s written assessment that Leehom (under the patient name of “Bobby”) has a sex addiction, a Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and had mentally abused her (under the patient name of “Sasha”) by making her feel she is “crazy” or “not qualified” over a long period of time.

Jinglei called him out for regarding her as a “birth-giving machine” and wrote, “According to your statement, if you don’t love me and are afraid of me, then why would you want me to give birth to a second and third child? After I gave birth to a third baby, you tried to find many ways forcing me to get a divorce. Is this your moral standard?”

Will Not Receive Alimony

Leehom’s father had defended Leehom’s moral character, and said that the singer already ceded to Jinglei’s request and given her approximate alimony payments of US$10 million.

Jinglei clarified and supplied screenshots of her divorce settlement agreement that she waived her rights to receive alimony, and released Leehom of all financial obligations to pay for her post divorce maintenance.

However, the pair will each receive 50 percent from their joint assets: the sale proceeds of their US$12 million Bel Air, California house and US$15 million investment account. Jinglei provided screenshots of their financial agreement, but pointed out technically that this is not considered as alimony, but rather the splitting of joint assets they have both accrued from their incomes.

When Jinglei said that she would like to continue living in the condo home in Taiwan–which is under Leehom’s sole ownership–he said he can let her borrow it. She had only made the request because she did not want to move and disrupt their three children’s lifestyles.

Additionally, Jinglei scrutinized Leehom’s words saying that the “only way to speak to Jinglei is do so publicly.” She released screenshots of her calling him five times, but he rejected them all.

Intentionally Igniting Political Hate

Jinglei also called out Leehom referring to her Japanese name Michiko Nishiharu, instead of her Chinese name, to intentionally provoke Chinese netizens’ hatred towards her.

She criticized his low act, “You hope to provoke the hatred of netizens to control public opinion, but you underestimate the IQ of netizens. My Chinese name is Lee Jinglei. I used my Japanese name when I was a kid, but I no longer used it for years as my growth was not connected to Japan, and my father has already left the family. I grew up in Taipei from a young age, and believe using my Chinese name is the best representation of me. You clearly know about my pain and the reason behind it, yet you ignore my feelings to try to hurt me this way. I really have no respect for you anymore.”

Calls For Leehom to Own Up to His Actions

In her social media posts made on December 20, Jinglei declared the incident has far surpassed the marital issues between her and Leehom, as his behavior before and after the divorce are social issues that need to be addressed since he is a public figure.

As a celebrity, Leehom rose to fame with the love and support from fans. She pointed out that he had deceived others with his crafted idol image, and reaped many benefits during all these years comes with a cost. He fully owes an explanation to his supporters.

She told Leehom to honestly face his own problems and take responsibility for his actions. She said, “I don’t want to keep revealing more private information to defend myself from your lies and denials of the accusations. It feels like I’m turning into a web novelist, but I just really want this matter to end soon, so everyone can return to their normal lives.”

Leehom’s Response

After the crossfire, Leehom’s divorce controversy attracted the attention of the Chinese state media, China Women’s Daily, which criticized the singer’s immoral behavior. Brands have also cut ties with the singer for endorsement deals in China.

Facing increasing public pressure, Leehom finally issued an announcement on December 20 that he would temporarily withdraw from the entertainment industry, and will no longer discuss his divorce matters publicly.

Below is his full statement:

“Thinking left and right, men should still take all the responsibilities. I will no longer make any explanations and defenses. I didn’t manage the marriage properly, caused trouble to my family, and didn’t give the public image that an idol should have. It was all my fault. Here, I solemnly apologize to my parents, Jinglei and the children. Since we have already divorced, arguing about the past is meaningless. From now on, I will pay attention to my words and deeds. I will take on the responsibilities of a father, son, and public figure. I will take care of Jinglei and our children as much as possible financially.

“I will temporarily withdraw from work [and the entertainment industry] to leave time to accompany my parents and my children, making up for the damage caused by this firestorm. Jinglei, we still have to take care of and raise three children together. I will transfer the house you are currently living in to your name. I will also participate in the whole process of raising and education of our children, and bear the expenses. This matter is mainly due to my mishandling. I apologize to everyone again.”

Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. he withdrew from the industry that was easy meaning he admits to what he did was wrong…. disgusting piece of **** using his family as a shield to do all the hideous acts I’m not surprise that he’s fans will go an attack his soon to be ex wife most likely they’ll try to dig up dirt from her side and post it all over the web I have go to say his wife is truly dumb to stick by him knowingly of what he does outside for 20yrs!!!

    If it was me pack your bags and leave once a cheater always a cheater

    1. some women are just the kind that will always hope the man will change and some will just tolerate it all for the sake of family and kids.

  2. Blanket apologies and dismissing all your wrongdoings with a “I will do better in the future” #typical
    Aren’t people supposed to get better with time? Aren’t people supposed to do better in the future regardless or not they cheated in present day? “Jinglei, we still have to raise our children together” sounds like a threat to me, but I could be wrong!

    1. Not only that, he also shoved money into her face, “I will transfer the house you are currently living in to your name”. Dude still hasn’t given her an apology, and just want to “take a break” for damage control. So after 2-3 years, he can come out and be rich and famous again >_>

      1. Exactly. At the end, he is still focusing on the money issue and misleading others to think that she started all these because of his property. It might be her hidden agenda but if it wasn’t, he remains selfish and not remorseful at all.

  3. how can he be so dumb to have left these crumbs for his wife to find? he could have done a better job in covering his tracks. i think from now on, male celebs will learn from his failures to hide their dark side from their wives and leave no trace.

    1. Lol, that’s why they are narcissist, they don’t care, they are too arrogant to think anyone can touch them

    2. so it is ok if he did all these things but problem is that he was not good enough in hiding them???? wow! btw narcissists enjoy in showing off their power so not covering his trails were 1) way to torture her 2) power show off 3) he genuinely did not care who discovers what.

    3. even with high profile sex debacles of so many fallen celebrities in past and recent years, narcissistic male celebs will never learn because they have delusions of invincibility.

  4. he’s only giving her money now to save his reputation, but money cannot mend the emotionally pain she has gone through all these years. she has signed a prenup before marriage, so money wasn’t her priority in the first place.

  5. He is not apologetic at all. He’s only sorry that this all came out and revealed his true disgusting character. In his apology he said “ men should still take all the responsibilities” not “I, Wang Leehom should take all the responsibilities…” what a joke.

    Also, he misspelt his “ex”-wife’s Japanese name which is 西村美智子 (Nishimura Michiko) but Leehom wrote it as 西春美智子 (Nishimura Michiko).

    And is her Japanese name even relevant? Why bring it up when she’s been known as Lee Jinglei to everyone since you brought her out to the spotlight and announced to the world she’s your wife. How low can he be to try to use her half Japanese ethnicity to ignite the hatred of those people who dislike Japan. Then in his latest apology he goes back to calling her Lee Jinglei.

    I hope he never comes back to the entertainment industry. Now he can retire early and live his single bachelor life forever.

    P.S I love how the netizens gave Lee Jinglei the nickname 蕾神 (Lei Shen) God of Thunder, Mighty Thor. Hope she stays strong, and stay positive.

  6. There is no apology at all in the open letter but one thing for sure, he did not deny all the accusation made against him

    I guess he must have done something more privately to pacify his soon to be ex wife

  7. She is totally impressive!! Love her!! WLH is too stupid and it’s obvious that he knew nothing about Wifey despite living together for so many years. He underestimates her so much.

  8. What is the point of temporary withdraw from the entertainment industry? Pls exit the entertainment industry permanently. Cannot stand such disgusting men who not only cheat on his wife outside, but mentally abuse and disrespect the wife with words of abuse. This is far worse than men cheat outside but still come back to the wife at home and respect the wife.

    He still expect the public to listen to his love ballad songs after what he done to his wife? Anyway his character + his big nose really pisses me off now

  9. He still earns millions a year from music royalties, not just his own songs but he wrote for others too. Unless there’s a worldwide ban of his songs (like not happening, ever) he is set for life.
    Despite this, his family is so stingy and money crazy, he’s unwilling to pay the rightful child support – and what kind of self claim loving father would ‘borrow’ a house for his kids (until he kicks them out).

  10. This guy is disgusting. Only temporarily?? He should leave the industry forever, hahahaha. Don’t ever come back, please

  11. He’s done in mainland china. He basically got reprimanded for having no self respect. His only market left is in TW

    1. @Coralie some of the TW talkshows are now voicing that celebrities should suffer some consequences of their wrongdoings and crimes but I doubt that will happen.
      However Mainland is too big a market for these people to let go and it is not just appearing on TV shows but being brand ambassadors, where money is very good, fast and does not require too much effort as compared to appearing on TV shows or dramas. Just look at Show, he has been attempting to make a comeback.

  12. I have seen others on video clips or on websites questioning her motives of this whole divorce mess or why she married him when he was not even faithful before their marriage.
    While the level of education may increase the possibility of one’s independence, it may not always mean that the person will always make the most sensible decision no matter how educated the person is.
    Do not know LJL so she may have her scheming agenda however she may also have married him for all kinds of what most of us perceive as stupid reasons such as thinking she would be his last woman.
    While some are sensible and wise enough to make the best decision in any situation but there are educated females with the fairly good career who choose questionable man or even choose not to dump their boyfriend after finding out he has other girlfriend(s) or sleeping partners or not to divorce their unfaithful spouse for whatever reason they may have.
    And why is her evidence collection action scary or making her evil and bad hearted? If she didn’t have those evidence (or more), she might have continued to be accused by her ex spouse and his family to be the evil woman who caused the breakdown of their marriage because she was didn’t get along with her mother-in-law, her power and money hunger caused her longstanding disagreement with her mother-in-law to control his finances, her lack of understanding of the entertainment industry affected his career and that her half Japanese bloodline make her the guaranteed villain. She might be guilty of some of the accusations but she was prepared and they gave her the means to fight for herself.

    1. You must be his fan hahahaha doesn’t matter what her motives are. He was the one who started it. she has proof to everything she claimed and he admitted lol end of story. Nice try

  13. Sex Addict… I believe this is a very repressed guy.. Clearly have lots of personal issues to deal with.. He dont know how to be a real man..

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