Lee Jinglei Rebuts Accusations From Leehom’s Father

Currently based in the US, Leehom Wang’s (王力宏) Wang Da-Chung (王大中) has handwritten a letter to defend his son, alleging that Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾) has ulterior motives for her bombshell-laden IG post, and accuses her of using her pregnancy as a means to marry into the family. Denying that his son has been adulterous, the elder Wang also revealed that Leehom has already ceded to Lee’s requests and paid her alimony fees of up to millions NTD ($80 million HKD).

Attaches Screenshot of A Message From Leehom
Lee Jinglei responded to the letter from her former father-in-law with an Instagram post of six images filled with words, followed by a seventh image, a screengrab of a message (attached below) from “Leehom Wang”.

Responding, she wrote that she could not believe that Leehom is threatening her to make a public apology, even using the Taipei mansion worth $4 hundred million NTD ($110 million HKD) to bait her into putting up a show to deny her previous allegations.

Lee Jinglei began her post by saying that she believes Leehom’s father would not know how to contact the media with his letter without Leehom’s instruction, adding that the singer has to bear responsibility for abetment even if he is “hiding behind his father”.

The 35-year-old penned that she had already been very reserved in her nine-page bombshell, on account that Leehom is the father of the kids. “Seeing that at his age of 80 plus, [the] elder Wang still has to stand out and tell these kinds of lies and take this sort of photo, makes me very heartbroken and in disbelief,” Lee continued and recounted her feelings, “What’s regretful is that today, what I got after waiting is not a word of apology from Leehom, but an attempt to bribe me in a commanding tone, and his father’s defamation. He [Leehom] said, “Give you the [Wujiang] condo [where you stayed with the kids] and you tell the media today that your accusations were groundless.””

Berates Leehom’s Lack of Remorse
“I was really chilled to the bone when I saw it, until now [he] has not felt any remorse, and as usual wanted me to help him cover up his wrongdoings, as usual he hides behind his family and friends to hurt me maliciously. The price to pay for having a place to live with the kids is to publish a post lying to the public that I’ve not been thinking clearly? This is unbelievable, and also surpasses moral grounds,”  Wujiang, the apartment mentioned is a $400 million luxury mansion located at Taipei’s Ren’ai road.

In happier times

Sordid Details + Wanted Her to Get An Abortion After
Rebutting the claims made by Leehom’s father’s, Lee pointed out that “Using [her] pregnancy to threaten marriage, otherwise [I’d] wreck Leehom’s career by telling all” is a very ludicrous accusation. Detailing how she had dated Leehom with marriage in mind, she shared that Leehom had told her that he was eager for marriage and children, and said the kids could fly along with them on his work trips so he would not feel alone. Lee added that the couple hence did not practise contraceptive measures in the long term, and that the singer would ejaculate directly during intercourse while the two were dating.

Lee Jinglei also mentioned that following her pregnancy news, Leehom initially responded happily, but after discussions with the family, he actually told her, “So…can you [have an] abortion? Or you give birth to the child, we don’t get married?”

Rebuts Claims One By One

Responding to Wang Da-Chung’s claim that she had requested hundreds of millions of Taiwanese dollars worth in living expenses, two Filipino helpers, a nanny and a personal driver, Lee rebutted that her only request was to allow the three children’s quality of life to “remain unchanged”, to not dismiss one of the family’s Filipino maid, a nanny who usually helps out at night and the driver. She clarified that she did not request billions NTD, and did not ask for a single cent of alimony fees. As for the elder Wang’s rebuttal that his son was not adulterous, she said her piece succinctly in a thirty-nine word response, “This will be hard for Wang’s father to know, since he won’t tell you if he commits adultery, just like he didn’t inform you if that he solicited prostitutes right?”

Lee also described how the couple had tried different ways of living in “harmony”, particularly in the last two years, when Leehom had the liberty of leaving and returning home whenever he pleased; and she would also not ask about how he spent his time outside. This happened after his 2019 concert at Taipei Little Giant Egg, when he tried different ways to force her to agree to a divorce, following which the couple tried to work out a consensus to let Leehom lead the bachelor lifestyle he desired, while living as normal a family life as they could.

Threatens Legal Action
Finally, Lee Jinglei requested Wang Leehom to apologise publicly by 3pm of December 19, or she would raise defamation charges against him and his father.

Source: On.CC

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com

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  1. You go girl! Exposing his fake a$$ to the public! Her request of keeping the maid/the driver is pretty reasonable. 1 – if you have good helper, it’s terrible to lose them. 2 – the children are used to them, and with the changes in their life due to the parents’s divorce, minimal changes should be practiced. Plus they know the children and will be taking a lot better care for them than new one.

    1. It’s not as if he couldn’t afford to pay the helper and driver!
      And how and why could he not let her have the house which his children have been staying which he can now use it to bribe her (if what she said is true about the bribing)? Did she ask for another property or other financial compensation in return of forgoing the house or did he not even provide a roof over their heads?
      Her rebuttal of the family accusations are impressive. And she has been quite consistent in her goal of going public – that he refused to help her clear the accusations against her when he first announced their divorce on grounds that his agency has already mentioned that they would not be discussing on anything relating to their divorce any further yet he immediately went online to defend himself when online rumors started of his alleged affair with one of the BY2 females. His selfishness triggered her.
      In this recent rebuttal, she has again spoken out because his father came out with intentions to make her the evil one.
      As I said in the other article, she may be a scheming person like what his father and other online accusations mentioned but is he really innocent.
      I saw in a video clip where there was analysis of this whole saga with edited past videos – one such was an interview WLH did a few years ago. He gave an nonchalant (at least it sounded that to me) laugh when the interviewer mentioned that his wife’s health was affected after giving birth to their second child. After which he didn’t say anything showing his concern or what they did to improve her health.

      1. I saw that interview too. his reply was so dumb. He didn’t even cared about his wife’s health and just said she can’t experience being a dad either.

      2. If you have been wronged for so long in a relationship that you thought would last your lifetime, then got forced out of it even if you weren’t happy in it, but at least your children are shield from the bad publicity, she has every right to now fight to clear her name. Her children will later on look down upon her if she didn’t clear her name. Not only she doesn’t have any money like he does, which the children most likely give in, who isn’t. She’s now having no face, no dignity, ppl shamed her, seeing her as evil scheming daughter. At least by going public, she can expose him for what he is, clear her name, and maybe the children see their dad and his family as the baddie, and hopefully growing up to be a good person and don’t side with them. Nothing more heartbreaking to a mother than wasting her whole life trying to do the best for her children, just to be looked down, abandoned, misunderstood by her children because the dad got money and can manipulate the media! So I’m totally on her side, as she seems very consistent so far.

        And there are so many more interviews of him that just proves her case now that ppl see him for what he truly is

  2. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Glad she’s standing up for herself and speaking her truth!

  3. Not to minimise the harm of WLH’s actions, because I do believe he is guilty of some of her claims.

    However, what I find unbelievable is he appears to have been misbehaving/cheating/ bad husband from the get go. She a highly educated woman gas bore him 3 kids, silently taken the mistreatment and continued to help him to maintain the good guy facades. They have both tried from 2019 to live separate lives, with no questions asked. Now she drops this bombshell after the accusations about her not getting along with the mother in law.

    Why stay after 2019 when it’s pretty clear, the marriage is irreparable. Both have agreed to separate lives. Why stay with such a bad husband/father after all that he has put you through?

    1. It’s probably a combinations of alot of things over the years. I think perhaps it also all comes down to money? I mean, clearly she is no angel getting involved/intimate at 16? :0/ However, it doesn’t negate the fact that she did popped out 3 kids for them and to think she signed a pre-nup of some sort and now nothing is under her name and not much money either? It must have finally hit her in the head that she has been a bit too stupidly in love and love turns into hate? haha lol Airing it all out like this really isn’t a good thing for him esp since he’s the famous celeb clearly it’s a bit of revenge since $$$ settlement probably wasn’t in agreement at all. Since most of divorcing cases with kids, it’s more like who gets custody but I didn’t hear much mentioning of who is fully getting custody so it all comes down to money as well if fighting for the kids is not the issue here. I don’t get these super rich celebs. Just like the surrogate ZS case, she has so much money and clearly the dude knows alot of her secrets and yet she dared to refuse adn suing him instead and he retaliated. This WLH is worth what 149 mil or something? What’s money when you know your ex has your secrets and you can easily quietly divorced / continue keeping your perfectly fake image and still make your millions years to come? Now ruined your perfect images over money and it’s not like you can get poorer by sharing some to your exes esp they have your kids? They always stress that he came from an extremely smart and educated family which they are but the way they handle this divorce seems like the total opposite. Sigh….

      1. Hmm I’m not in agreement with you about the money piece. Settlement was already written in black and white for what she would get. She did not argue against that. What she IS arguing though, is that the settlement they are sharing rightfully belongs to her and more. But she is not requesting for those additional assets. Kids-wise, why would WLH request for more custody when he wants the single life? More likely his parents want the kids, and if so, I don’t think sharing a bit more time with them would be disagreeable to LJL. She has been main custodian and that is def not going to change with any judge. Staying with a sex-addicted, narcissistic and weasely/scummy husband is an unfortunate decision, but one she had to make in order to keep her family intact. Stupid? For sure. But she had good intentions. And while WLH has his unbelievable sh1tty, tight-fisted (srsly? “Loaning” properties to his ex wife and kids? WTFriday! He doesn’t have enough money or something?!) side, like LJL says, he is not always terrible. But definitely when he does rear his ugly head, it is definitely ugly

      2. I don’t agree w/ money piece. They already had settlement agreement from the very beginning and she never contested what was mentioned on it. What she DOES contest, though, is that this is somehow charity to her when in fact, she deserves it and it could be a lot more. The other point about custody – WLH wants the single life, why would he fight over custody? Maybe his parents want it, sure. But with her being the main custodial parent for 8 years, no judge will split her time unfairly. So that leaves me to the final issue – why she would stay with a sex-addicted, tightfisted (srsly? “Loaning” properties to ex wife and kids? I can’t believe a multimillionaire would have the nerve to say something like that) cowardly little boy for so many years? Like she said, their marriage wasn’t all bad. There were loving days between them and 3 kids. Many women stay in bad marriages with violence because of Battered Woman Syndrome. I would not be surprised if LJL also suffered from this (in the emotional sense.)

    2. But she published court’s document and she GAVE UP alimony as she can finance herself it is in the court’s documents. It was never about money.

      Children are under her full custody and he was already absent father, she asked he see MORE of them.

      Divorce is done and signed it is not even negotiated now. It is only Wangs who wanted to present it that way.

      Plus they separated and divorce lasted 2 years.

      It seems that she exploded over the way how he threw her under the bus painting her as problematic woman. He was painted as gold digger, quarrelsome, poor, not working, bad daughter in law.

      It feels like she was trying to keep the face for too long and he just pushed few wrong buttons, ghosting her, throwing her under the bus, behaving arrogantly as always and booom he got it all served in cleanest way possible.

      He might have groomed her from age of 16 but she grew up in fine woman and managed to get out of his clutches. Well done!

  4. whoa so juicy ar…can’t wait to hear more about this. it’s now past her deadline….will she expose more?

  5. Oh my.. so hurt and disappointed that for the last 20+ years of listening to mr.nice guy(and handsome) lee hom. It turned out to be a monster. Sighh.

    I hope by her experience and daringness, it will push even more wives who are being put off to fan for their husband’s ‘good guy image’ to come out of their closet. It’s enough to be suffering by themselves, without love and support from their husbands..what more having to swallow their need for love just so that their husbands can have the good guy image to the public. Shit.

  6. While I do want justice to be served, women of every culture and age should repeat after me:
    I will not marry a narcissist.
    I will not marry a narcissist.
    I will not marry a narcissist.
    I don’t care if love is blind or you are young, you know that a narcissist can’t be cured. It’s that simple ladies.

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