Kim Seon Ho Wants to Give Up on His Acting Career?

Deeply hurt by the abortion controversy, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha star Kim Seon Ho is said to want to completely give up on his entertainment career. According to the reporter who made these claims, Seon Ho has kept an extremely low profile for half a month and cut off communication with nearly everyone.

After Seon Ho was initially misunderstood by the public, Dispatch released screenshots of Seon Ho’s text conversations with his ex-girlfriend Choi Young Ah, proving that he was a caring boyfriend and she had lied in accusing Seon Ho of forcing her to get an abortion. Young Ah turned out to be the first one to suggest abortion as she was not ready to have a child yet.

It was also pointed out that Young Ah had shared screenshots of these conversations with several of her friends, who then forwarded them to Dispatch, hoping the truth can help clear Seon Ho’s reputation.

Several brands that pulled back Seon Ho’s advertisements have begun relisting the products that the actor endorsed. The production team for new movie Sad Tropical officially announced that they will not be replacing Seon Ho as the lead actor.

Many media outlets compared Seon Ho to Korean actor Lee Byung Hun’s scandal and comeback in 2014. Caught in a flurry of romantic scandals in 2014 despite already being married to actress Lee Min Jung, Byung Hun stopped filming romantic series and took on diverse film roles. Receiving critical praise for his acting, Byun Hun won several awards and was given opportunities to work in Hollywood films.

It is speculated that if Seon Ho makes a comeback, he may follow the same route as Byun Hun and film less romantic dramas in the near future.

Source: HK01

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  1. He has been thru such a huge experience… But it looks like he is going to recover from his scandal…. Hope this lesson will help him be more mature and sensible dealing with his relationships.

  2. I already commented how he shouldn’t quit his acting career since there is selfish people out there thrilled to destroy you over an scandalous incident that they don’t know the whole truth to what story they want to believe. Don’t do it, to give up years of hardwork, sacrifices, stress, worry, up & down roller coaster rides from one script, to various shows, rejections, numerous auditions, etc. Just beware of future female relationships that maybe toxic, fake, selfish, grudges, jealousy, dishonest. Don’t quit, he worked hard to be where he’s at to just give it up. Don’t give that to them, that’s just where they want you at, don’t di that. Protect your career, your reputation where someone would love to yank it all from you. He’s a young, talented, smart, handsome, funny, dramatic actor. Good luck to him & his film career. Fighting!

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