Nam Goong Min and Kim Seol Hyun in Murder Mystery “Awaken”

South Korean actor Nam Goong Min is back with another potential hit series, Awaken. The trailer for the crime mystery drama, featuring Lee Chung Ah, AOA‘s Kim Seol Hyun, and Yoon Sun Woo, shows the main characters attempting to unravel a serial murder case possibly connected to a 28-year-old incident that occurred in a village. Awaken, which premiered two days ago, touts itself as a crime drama unlike any other, as it strays away from the general crime narrative structure of cases getting solved one by one and adopts a “composite” one never seen before.

In the thriller, Goong Min takes on the role of Do Jung Woo, a messy but intelligent team leader of a special police task force. To play the character, he cut his hair short, grew out his mustache for the first time, and took out his decade-old clothes to wear. The skillful and versatile actor will likely make another deep impression on viewers, as he did playing the angry rich second-generation villain in Remember: War of Son (2015), the greedy Chief Kim in Good Manager (2017), and the calm and collected coach in Hot Stove League (2019).

Meanwhile, his Hot Stove League co-star Sun Woo portrays hacker Moon Jae Woong with a socially-distanced personality in Awaken. Mystery surrounds his role, as he barely makes an appearance in the trailer, but what viewers do know is that he only thinks of Chung Ah’s character, Jamie Layton. Jamie is an FBI criminal psychologist, who was adopted as a young child and returned to Korea to rediscover her long lost memories and uncover more about her background. She will be working alongside Jung Woo and Gong Hye Won, played by Seol Hyun. Hye Won is a police officer with a hot temper and does not back down easily.

Awaken also stars a strong supporting cast comprised of Crash Landing on You actor Lee Shin Young and veteran actors Kim Won Hae, Choi Jin Ho, Kim Tae Woo, Baek Ji Won, and Woo Hyun. The seasoned stars will surely make the drama a lot more interesting and engaging with their experienced acting.

“Awaken” Trailer:

Source: Korea Star Daily

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