Nam Goong Min Carries the Ratings in “The Veil”

South Korean broadcasting station MBC hits the jackpot with thriller The Veil starring Nam Goong Min The drama has been praised for its suspenseful and action-oriented plot and has helped end MBC’s streak of airing dramas that fail to attract high viewership ratings.

In the drama, Nam Goong Min plays Han Ji Hyuk, an agent of the National Intelligence Service who went missing during an investigation. Although Han Ji Hyuk reappears one year later, the ordeal left him with amnesia and he rejoins the National Intelligence Service in hopes of seeking out the traitors lurking in the agency.

Han Ji Hyuk’s mission is not easy and he finds it difficult to put his trust in his colleagues.  In the recent episodes, newcomer Yoo Je Yi (Kim Ji Eun) joins the team, Han Ji Hyuk slowly lets his guards down. However, a failed mission puts Han Ji Hyul in a greater danger and makes him question the trust he placed on his companion.

The drama’s success provided MBC a lifeline after the station was forced to scale back and cancel several dramas due to operational concerns. While MBC 2020 drama’s Kkondae Intern and 2021’s drama On the Verge of Insanity were positively received, the dramas failed to break above 5% in viewership ratings. MBC’s situation was concerning and many netizens worried that the station would cease to produce new dramas.

Despite strong competition in the Friday and Saturday time slot, The Veil held steady ratings that hovered around the double digits. Nam Goong Min’s dedication for drama did not go unnoticed and many netizens praised the actor’s hard work to build a muscular body. In addition, many netizens commended the actor for performing dangerous stunts and having to endure various injuries.

With only four episodes remaining, netizens are hopeful that the drama will break double digits and be nominated for the best drama of the year.

Source: Korea Star Daily

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