Lee Joon Ki Gets a Second Chance at Justice in “Again My Life”

South Korean artiste Lee Joon Ki confirmed to star in thriller drama Again My Life alongside Kim Ji Eun and Kyeong Yeong Lee.

Based on a webcomic of the same name, Lee Joon Gi will be playing Kim Hee Woo, a young hardworking prosecutor who gets wrongfully murdered during his investigation. By chance, Kim Hee Woo is reborn and gets another chance to take down the person behind a corrupted system. Kim Hee Woo is  skilled at making logical judgement, and does not hesitate going head-to-head with powerful people.

Kim Ji Eun will be playing Kim Hee Ah, the youngest daughter from a powerful family. As a smart and intelligent woman, Kim Hee Ah is also very brave and will lend Kim Hee Woo a helping hand.

At the opposite end, Kyeong Yeong Lee will be starring as Jo Tae Seob, a corrupt politician who pretends to be righteous but uses his position and power to stand above law.

While many fans are excited to see Lee Joong Gi’s new drama, some fans are concerned that the actor is once again starring in a legal drama after starring in 2018’s drama Lawless Lawyer. Other fans are supportive and believe that Lee Joong Gi is very suitable to play a hot-blooded role.

Again My Life will be helmed by Han Chul Soo who previously directed 2019 critically acclaimed drama Graceful Family.

While it is rumored that filming for the drama has already started, fans will have to wait until next year for its premiere.

Source: Korea Star Daily


This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com

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  1. Lee Joon Gi is a super talented actor…I am looking forward to this drama… But Lee Joon Gi always select such Heavy characters …. I hope to see him in a relaxing drama one day.

  2. I am also looking forward to see Lee joon gi’s this drama . He is absolutely super talented actor.

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